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I wish there were more nice people like you in the world who are willing to do stuff like this! Too bad I'm only thirteen...I'm sure there's someone who would like them though...maybe someone with a relative who has cancer or something? Can they heal that? Just curious.


I do not know how much success can be acheived with this form of reiki. What i have been able to acheive myself is to completely remove the pain from my fiancee who suffers from endometriosis.



I'de like to know more about what these 'attunements' are based for, and how they are supposed to spiritually/energetically help a person.

I wouldn't mind accepting the 'attunements' though, to help others.... I am only 16, THOUGH i am also rather experienced with energy control, and reiki-like healings
[me being the healer.... havent tried reiki-ing myself yet though.... i guess im saveing my own personal healings for when i learn to project... i feel that i would have more success doing it that way]. I have delt with some rather intense energies before, with a lot of confidence and controll, and a few of my friends who are sensitive to energy, have told me that i have a very strong energy presence, and that i am very mature about the whole energy-thing, in general aswell.

i didnt mean to brag, about anything *after rereading what he's posted so far*... I just wanted to give you enough information about myself, for you to make a decision about giving me any 'attunements'.
If someone has the knowledge, and wants to do something, how far do you think they can go, if they lack the experience, and are unable to sustain the amount of effort needed to succeed?  ~ Self 2/25/2003



I'm interested. :) Private message me.
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How did this work out? I have been waiting for an update.


Thanks to all who expressed an interest in this. Those of you who asked for an attunement and those who offered advise by PM. There are a couple of people I am waiting to hear back from to arrange a time/date for attunement. I set up an attunement for someone but they have yet to get back to me to let me know how they got on. Another gentleman told me he felt he got the attunement and is starting to practise with the Reiki. I will post more results here as they come in.



Few more results in and there all good folks! No complaints so far. I think maybe the first one or two I tried may not have worked because when I tried the third plus, I felt strong energy sensations. Similar to recieving the attunements only not quite as powerfull. I'm very happy with the results so a big thank-you to everyone involved! [^]

Take Care



I wasn't sure whether to put this post here or in 'The Healing Place' so here it is. I recently recieved a long distance set of three reiki attunements. I have had some success in healing but not enough to satisfy my need for proof that the attunements were fully successfull.There is one thing that i am not sure about as i have not tested it yet. Upon recieving the final attunement, i was told that i could give all three attunements to others. I would like to pass this on to someone who has an understanding of energy like yourselves in this forum. I am looking for someone willing to recieve the first reiki attunement. It will cost you nothing and if successfull i will give you the second and third attunement, also for free (I had to pay to receive these).If succesfull i will also pass on the notes that tell you how to give these attunements to others.I promise nothing as i have never done this before and am just looking to see proof that i can do it. If it doesn't work, oh well, no-body loses but if it does the volunteer will recieve a $50 worth set of attunements which enables him/her to heal him/herself and others.I do apologise but my personal concience dictates that the volunteer must be over 18. I don't mean to be ageist but i just wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise.

Reply to this or PM me.

Im sure the guy I payed for these attunements wouldnt be too happy about me giving them away for nothing but material gain ranks way down on my list of priorities.