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 Hey Karin, its great to see you here again!  :-)

I don' think I ever told you this Plume and Karin. But while wire wrapping/mounting  the roots of your tree Plume, a small Crystal point broke of it. I felt bad when that happened. But I took that piece and put it with my other small Crystal shard. When the time came to make the tree that Karin eventually received from Plume, I used that shard in the top little branching.

The thing that showed me that this was really meant to be is that Plume picked that tree for Karin from a number of pieces I had shown her. She never knew that part of her Crystal was in that piece to begin with. I thought that that really showed the true "bond" and "synchronicity" that Plume and Karin share together!  8-)

I am so honored and thankful that this new "Art" has come to me. It allows me to continue to be the "invisible helper" that I was always meant to be. I spend a lot of time in the NP aiding others in need. I wanted to manifest that ability here in this physical realm as well. This new "ability" lets me do just that. I have heard from others that I have made custom pieces for and their lives seem to be more "balanced" now.  :-)

I'm not even going attempt to post a picture, lol. But this link will bring you directly to the picture I wished to share.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Double Canopy 2 Crystal Amplifer (SOLD) photo IMG_20180120_232749007.jpg"></a>

Catsquotl, Your Crystals are beautiful. Your scattered display of Crystals looks not only like my "Altar" in my bedroom, but also my basement floor right now, lol. Mind you, my bedroom layout has all kind of Crystals, from destinations all over the World. My basement floor is all scattered Quartz Crystal clusters, since those are what I use in the Crystal Amplifiers that I make.

Plume, I still own that Crystal point with the "Spirit" in it. I haven't found the right piece or matched it to the right person that I wish to build it into a design yet. I will know when the right time comes though!  :-)

All these awesome Crystals in this thread. I'm loving it!  :-) 8-)

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Wow amazing about the shard in the tree and amazing that Plume selected that one, Lumaza!  :-o

"Believing is seeing" ~ Bashar


Quote from: Karin on December 17, 2018, 15:55:36
Wow amazing about the shard in the tree and amazing that Plume selected that one, Lumaza!  :-o
That showed me that it was really meant to be!  :-)  8-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Wow! Lumaza
I had no idea that it was meant to be ... so cool! , I just knew when I saw the double canopy that it was perfect, it was love at first sight with that crystal amplifier , not to forget you made them with your magical hands , eh! Now that I think of this it actually make sense that the crystal photo from Karin  through that ball reflects this clearly and that surprise looking little person on the left tilting head , very comical , showing that something is happening but it can't really be seen , maybe some magical trick is brewing  , I laugh when I saw this expression, if you closely look , you can see that it could be a wondering expression...what is going on ...something being manipulated... it is you , handling the crystal shard. Just perfect again ...

My amplifier is a flying saucer shape , I guess you can say it is in relation to the crop circles project I had in mind , but also I think deep down it was about making contact , what a perfect object to represent travelers.  Yup , Crop circles...Still in my future dreams in some way for now ,  taking a little break and having fun with the crystals and friends ,there is a time for every thing.

Very interesting subject crystals I know nothing about these beautiful rocks, but I can see that others may share their passion here , that would be great .
Nice collection Catsquotl !!! Love to hear your experience with them. Feel free to bring more photos, obviously you had no pro posting them , :roll: JEEZ!!  some wizards ...


Allo All. here are a few interesting events that I can only call this magical from my experiences with this incredible reality. it all started with of course astral travels ...ok  now that this is clear lets have fun..

I am not sure what I am looking at but something is going on , for some strange reason I am very much intime or tuned and right there when these events are happening . Seriously... I feel that I need to witness this but for what reason though.... ?intriguing. I am just noticing a thread close to my path , what is at the heart of my work and fascination.
I love churches for many reasons .
The day of the Cathedral burning in Paris I was chock and surprise .
I actually was driving through the town of St Isidore ( Farmers saint ) where a church burned down a few years ago.
In 2016 July , I was also driving by this church when it was in full fire which is only on occasion for work related  reason , estimates and paint job .
Not a big town , so not many will see this in the moment that  the hellish fire is taking the magnificent Church Towers down. I took lots of photos I will tell you....

Just as we were driving home from an estimate to repair again an ancient Altar the day la Cathédrale in Paris was in flames , I ask my husband to go around the new construction of this church that burned down from lightning on July 2016 .  We were not aware of what was going on in Paris yet.
We wanted to get a  phone number so I can get some work to rebuild the art work. All looking like they started to rebuild this modern place. Always looking for an opportunity to do my passionate work , sculpture and painting.

Minutes after my brother in law texted that la Notre Dame is burning...

SO what you can say , what this has to do with Plume...all this is coincidental  ... maybe ...
HELL NO , not in my world it's obviously magically saying something...
LOOK  at this spider on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, again shock that this was happening while I was all alone for three month putting gold leaves on the main Altar , it needed amazing repairs. Very specialty work. Same fellows that  built the Cathedral in the late 1800 , you know those out of this world Altars that I just worked on all winter for again three month . They were originally from a convent , the Sisters of the Sacred blood .
Very perfectly timed with me personally on many things also. I swear I feel guided. I don't ask question just look , work and go with the flow.

In 2017 exactly one year to the day after the burning  of ST( Isis) Isidore la « Machine «  came to Ottawa on Canada day with a flaming Dragon and a mechanical Spider.  They were walking the street of our capital. I was happy because I got amazing wifi for a week so I can listen to podcast. That was the begging of researching the fringes subjects again and truth seekers like Off planet Radio. Funny because Randy Maugans was very much involved for many years analyzing the scriptures. I certainly felt in good hands with that kind of information while bathing my body in this sacred place. Just perfect In my opinion... 
Last week I went back to work at the church to finally do the last touch up on the Sacred blood Altars. Very very traditional place I even started to put a scarf on my head for respect. No one ask but I feel I should.

All excited to again be alone and put my headphone I finally got the courage to listen to a podcast about the blood sacrifice from Off planet radio, I avoided this one ...then I felt the urge to plunge my mind in this subject while working on these Altars , I have to admit blood sacrifice is not so much of a subject I want to listen but I felt I should. All this could  be part of some very ancient things that was going on in many levels anyway . I actually manage to listen to the whole things and stay in one piece.
Well that sure did it for me. I deeply think I am guided. But by whom ...? Jeez good thing I am having fun because it can be at time insane what I am seeing.
Is that crazy or what ? ... The gigantic spider which is also a sculpture call mama in front of the Nationals gallery right across from my famous Notre Dame  Cathédrale . LA MACHINE  is also a French company. They do many events like these , A big crew were camping in the basement of the Cathedral  with all their tents and equipment... yup strange indeed , it feels like a fairy tail unfolding right in front of me and at the same time at the tips of my fingers while I am painting away in the churches.
I love it ...
I am sure there will be more to come.
But truly do not forget why I am  here.
If you need a reminder 😝😜😎🤓 you know...
Super duper seeds...



like I promise, here are the photos of the dream catchers project. I started with metal bronze and it all morph into these plaques that I will cast in concrete or plaster. My true purpose is to create these symbols and have them spread like wild Fire. Yes you heard right  :-D .. I mean viral  :-D  in our imagination, so we can dream them and see  them appear in places that will make you wonder... wonder what? ... HA ...that is the secret , to be honest I am not so sure what yet or how, but it could be something in the line of super seed in my fields. :roll: :roll: :roll:

I got a dream that maybe , just maybe it will wake some to the incredible potential if we all put our mind and intent together and create art like crop circles or even in the snow.
I will tell you that this winter I had some incredible synchronicities while creating these plaques .  I made something like 20 all thinking of the meaning and its number in the order . I concentrated on each one with the theme in mind , one was an Owl . While making that plaque I had a friend send me a picture of an owl formation in the snow :-o I figure I did it  :-D :-D :-D see... :roll:
Did I say it is all related to astral travels if you wonder  :wink: believe me it is, just because that opened incredible feeling that much is possible and to bring that power of intent in the physical might just be the reason we experience things like that.
I have more photos coming... I call this serie Triquetra , Trinity , and also it is like the flower of Ontario. Just perfect... I am guided to do this and having so much fun at it. I actually would like to get to a point that they will be made with crystals hanging and casted in some kind of natural Resin if possible and metals shaving or organic materials. they could be like orgonite amplifier.  Still lots of work. Today I saw these amazing little ancient types of medallions that looks like candies because of their transparency, that gave me an idea  :roll: :-D :-D :-D make them in maple syrups candies and just give them around . Is that cool or what . Eating the symbol , think about that for a minute ... seriously... truly magical in a fun way and who know what will happen.
A bientôt


Very Cool Plume!

I will be first in line to buy one from you when you are finished!

The Adventure Continues...


Really Cool! I swear I left a comment on your previous post, all gone now and wonder if I dreamed it.

The Dream catchers are awesome. I love the fox and getting in line behind T-Man. Candy medallions, lol. Now there's an idea, like maybe fruit leather.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Beautiful work Plume!

You are the Dreamcatcher!

You capture the dream and manifest it within our Physical Reality!
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


 Wow, those are beautiful Plume. Once again, you are revealing and sharing your awesome talent here!  :-)

It's a different style of Dreamcatcher then I have seen. But I find that "different" is good!  :wink: I love the "Celtic" touch there. It brings you back to your "ancient" roots.

I have found the "NP" to be a fabulous way of inspiring and actually working on new designs. Just now, I finished creating a new Bonsai style Crystal Amplifier, once again, due to my "NP" visions.

Keep up the great work my Dear!  :-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Ha! I see what you mean now about the Fox Nameless...
Well thank you all for the great encouragements .
T-Man you definitely will receive one, and all of you that do come here to contemplate the work we are sharing.
Lumaza, it would be nice to post one of your great work here , it was part of the inspiration to start this dream catchers idea.  I would like to make these with crystals casted in the medium I have many model on the go . If you dont mind ... I will easily do it from copying photo sites  ... coming with the rest of the design soon . I have to finish this church work first. I am definitely guided working with your hands is a very powerful way to connect and meditate.   
EV, you will have to also pic one, the more out there the better.  :wink:   


 :-DI just finished this job :roll: That is the reason I had to put the Plaques on hold.

Here are some of the process to get molds for that famous Dreamcathcher idea ,AND maybe Crop circles. You can see that it is taking shape and many plaques were created with the same symbolic pattern.
Triquetra ...Trinity  :-D :-D :-D
Now my next plan is having this made in all kinds of possible material, even chocolate , just imagine what kind of magic that would do , seriousely , how do you think magic work, really... no mystery... just commun sense.
So my plan is to use every way to get it going and become totally viral , the symbol I mean  :wink:
I also would like to have it made like an orgonite device , why not make it work for us when we are at it . I hear lots of great things that can be beneificial from our well being if we place that kind of material by our devices and anythings that need to be diverted of its harmefull energies.  You may need to study this better and even do some dowsing to see what it does.
I am still trying to figure the recipe for Crystal , Copper and other materiels that can be casted in the molds. I was thinking to only cast the part that is the Triquetra and hang some crystals where you see the Arrows. it would be just like a dreamcather without all the matrix around . So much idea still floating around my head but it is coming closer now .  I have to make a dinosaur this summer :roll:
And its summer and everybody want something at home ...popsicles  :-o Oh it could be a popcicle too... Now thats cool  8-)
anyway you can all see that I do not give up ...patience is my middle, name maybe with a bit of madness to not get to bored :-D :-D :-D but truly it is for reason that are much more mysterious that I can word here . i don't ask to much question on this matter , it is not needed , it is fun  , good enough. :wink:


LOOK at that tree  :-o It remind me of my amplifier , I LOVE IT know , I have one very similar in style , one that I placed in the portal entrance  at my farm. Many great experiences I had so far and many more to come  :-D :-D :-D

You all have to go check Lumaza's links if you want to enjoy the magic of crystals and arts all in one. :wink:


Great work on all your projects Plume!  Your templates for your plaques and dream catchers are looking good.  I'm sure they would taste just as good if made from chocolate!  You are very creative and talented!
The Adventure Continues...


Hey Plume,, as I understand the Trifecta is linking past, present, future. And / or body, mind soul. I had not considered the design in a dream catcher before but somehow I think you have found a bit of a way to link what most of us are doing or attempting to do here to a tangible artifact. Same as Lumaza is doing with his amplifiers and Casey with her crystals.

Keep it up your madness is beginning to make sense.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


 :-D :-D :-D
Thank you T-man , Nameless.
Yes there is something interesting in the Trinity symbol, very ancient and part of our construct that needs to be understood on a personal level.
It is in progression...