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dark magic

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and don't seem to get that demons are truly evil beings whose mission is to destroy humanity.
So why nearly all the demons I've summoned were nice and helpful? I guess that most problems with summonings are caused by people who are trying to abuse summoned spirits by commanding them and use abusive summoning methods.
E. Pulse, if you have really given it up, you should dedicate yourself to the light.
I think that dedication to the light is as bad as dedication to the darkness(as you call it). Can't the people just be dedicated to finding their own true joy, to finding true harmony and balance through spiriual evolution?
By dedicating yourself to whatever side you are joining a war, and every war has many causualties.

Tara Star

Seems to me like that is gray magic, everyone out for themselves. A. Crowley was a the founder of that school and he came to a very sticky end did Uncle Al.  "do what thou wilt...." was his motto.

Personally, I think "playing" with demons is is a lot like playing with a loaded gun.  I know that lesser demons are around in plenty and are easy to command, I just think that will come around to bite you some day. I have been around in the magickal worlds going on 20 years now and that is what I have seen over and over again.

Since this is a forum, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and experience and you will of course go on with life and magick in your own way....

But do yourself a favor and read Ed Warren's book "the demonologist" I would love to hear your opinion after you have....


But do yourself a favor and read Ed Warren's book "the demonologist" I would love to hear your opinion after you have....
I'd rather stay ignorant on the subject.

electronic pulse

Quote from: CaCoDeMoN

I think that dedication to the light is as bad as dedication to the darkness(as you call it). Can't the people just be dedicated to finding their own true joy, to finding true harmony and balance through spiriual evolution?
By dedicating yourself to whatever side you are joining a war, and every war has many causualties.
i think that what you said was relay true and right every person need to do what he feels that is true for himself
the life is good but death is better


Quote from: CaCoDeMoN
By dedicating yourself to whatever side you are joining a war, and every war has many causualties.

Personally I believe that everyone is already in a war. The sides however, are not based on what type of energy or magick you use. I personally only feel comfortable using light energy and am solely interested in making sure I do what's best for people. I have made allegiances with darker people who are interested in the same thing.

You can be dark and do good, you can be light and do evil. The choice as to which you do is what's gona bite you in the bum, as it were. It's a good idea to know what dark magick can do, it's a good idea to know what light magick can do. But if you want to gain any power and follow through with what you see as being right... I suggest you do choose a path and stick to it, rather than dabble in this gray area.
I am here in peace


Magic is, as Stated by Aleister Crowley, "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will."   If this is true then any magical act can be reversed with an equal amount of force.  It is completely possible to get rid of any malicious influence in your life with an equal amount of counter-force.  The remedy for a demon all depends on the amount of power that demon has, but you can be rid of ANY demon with enough force; contract or not.  My Friend and I created a temple dedicated to the forces of Lucifer, using the Goetia and various black arts.  For three years my life was surrounded by macabe, evil and death.  I had vivid "hallucinations" of bloody torsos and furry babies with bloody heads.  I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which they believed to be the cause of sleep deprivation.  I could not sleep for fear of hell.  I had nightly dreams of hell and demons.  My room was infested with evil figures and malicious shadows.  It took a year and a half of constant exoricms and homemade holy water to get rid of the visions but I did.  Almost anything can be reversed with enough will, but there is a Point of No Return; it is a complex ritual called The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  STAY AWAY!  The effects of this ritual are irreversible.  Consider yourself forewarned.


Im wondering where you all learn't magic? I looked on google and found only crap websites where you get 8 candle's and look in the mirror :P
"Oh Lord , Bless this thy holy handgrenade , And withit blow thou enemie's to tiny peices!"


I dont do magic, I do psionics, but they are very similar. Some say they are the same. I did lots of my initial learning from the wingmakers site, but the site I would recommend using to learn psionics is //
I am here in peace


Some Facts:

Black magic is part of the evil of this world. Those who pursue it - will definitely receive their punishment from God. Your question is whether it is God's will to have black magic! it is an agreement between practitioner and the demon. Only god can save you if you truly wishes.

Why do people resort to black magic, Jadoo, etc.?
Generally, people are driven to black magic due to jealousy.

When a person has a flourishing business or popular and holds a distinguishing postion in society, etc. this is not tolerated and accepted by others. People desire that those prosperities be taken away from their brother. This jealousy causes a person to harm his brother. His ultimate purpose is to cool his eyes by witnessing his brother's downfall. Thus he stoops to the despicable and Haraam act of Jadoo to achieve his ambition.

more info:


More facts.  Magick is not black or white.  It is a pure force in the Universe, and thus is neutral, just as is creation itself.  Good and evil are concepts that we wrap morality around based on instinctual reaction to certain intelligent stimuli.  

Black magick does not exist!  Magick is a force used just like fire.  The only thing that can be called "Black" would be the intent the magick is used to further.  Just like it would be a "black" application of fire when used to burn down the home of someone who slighted you.

Those who pursue magick in any of its various true forms have need to fear no divine retribution.  Those who engage in acts that can be considered immoral need fear that.  Then again, morality is a personal choice, so given that idea, it is really hard to say just who will receive that retribution, isn't it?


electronic pulse

Quote from: aasarSome Facts:

Why do people resort to black magic,

I have resorted to black magic because of the contract with the demon
and just so you'll now i have putted him into some thing like "astral jail" and now he can't get out
the life is good but death is better


You asked me to reply, and I'm doing so right now...
Mr.Maximillian, why didn't you tell them anything of MISTER FUJI!?!!
Shame on you! Shame shame shame!

Note to other members: I happen to know "Electronic pulse" in real life. Who do you think tought him all energy/spirit related stuff?

As for your demon, he was no more than a playful punk. Not a real threat in my book. Oh, and he is in no prison. I have just talked to him yesterday  :lol:
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electronic pulse

Ohh Jenia Jenia Jenia....
did you HAD to tell EVERY-BODY about Fuji?
...... and I know that the demon so call "Z" was poor (and stupid)
(just to bad i realized that to late :? )
the life is good but death is better

electronic pulse

Quote from: Jenia_San
and stop calling me Maximilian my name is max  :evil:
the life is good but death is better


Hah, his name was Crowley? Did he have a Bentley?


Sorry, never mind me.

Magic, (note the lack of a 'k.' There is no 'k,') or the manipulation of spiritual energies, is much like science. Like has been said, it can be used for good or evil, to create or destroy - an atom bomb versus a vaccine.

With that said, I'm going to refer to "Black Magic" as the use of magic in destruction or for self-serving purposes.

I would recommend not jumping into the Black Magic unless you're a twenty-something or younger goth type who thinks it will make them hardcore. Usually everyone just laughs at them, anyway, and they don't end up doing a lot of damage.

Now, when you've got the intense serious Black Magic types, you want to watch out. Scary folks.

Stick with safe, garden-variety charms unless you really want to devote your entire life to it, because it'll take up all your energy.


I have a few questions for those who replied in this topic. First, how would you conjure a demon and make a deal with it I'm just curious.....and Second, i heard a story of people by focusing amounts of negative energy were able to create "dark creatures" that they could control to inflict minor harm....I was just wondering if you guys could help me out and just give me your thoughts

-Astral Raven
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To give enough information for this to be of use to you, it would require more area than is allowed by the forum, probably.

If you are truly interested in these topics, it would be much easier to read up on it.  Either Google search on demon/angel/entity conjuration, and entity creation, or go to Amazon and look for books on the subject.



Dark magic...

I like have fun with my spells. Sometimes I'm doing some "good" spells for reduce the affects of my "dark spells". And during this time I play "the angel grll":)) It's too funny as me...
:lol:  :lol:  :twisted:
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so exactly how did you meet this demon? and how did you learn all this stuff about dark magic?