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Astral Academy Conference Room

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David Warner

Astral Academy Conference Room

Welcome to The Astral Academy Conference Room. Weekly classes are based on out of body fundamentals,
three month course outline, instructions, statistics, work sheets, and over 25 years of experienced out-of-body experiences.

Astral Academy conference utilizes / video communications, whiteboard display, and text based
chat. Moderated for teacher student remote learning access.

In order to participate in The Astral Academy Conference Room review the weekly schedule times.

Day              Start Time   End Time   Time Zone

Monday         12:00PM       1:00PM      Eastern Time Zone

Wednesday    12:00PM       1:00PM      Eastern Time Zone

Saturday       12:00PM       1:00PM      Eastern Time Zone

Send us an email what day works best for you. You will receive a confirmation with further
instructions, policies, and  how to access the conference room.

The Astral Academy conference room is open to registered subscribed astral academy guests.

For more information, please visit The Astral Academy located at:

Thank You,

David A. Warner (Astral Academy Instructor)
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