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Hey, I'm Levi!

New here! Thank you for accepting me on this fascinating forum! I've been reading this forum for the past 6 months or so after being introduced to it off of a Telegram AP group. Reading Frank Kepple's stuff, Xanth's book and a bunch of other priceless material on here. Finally pulled the trigger and joined about a week ago or so.

I'm 32 years old living way the heck up here in Ontario Canada.

Growing up in a Christian upbringing I was constantly asking hard questions to contradicting information that my peers didn't know how to answer and didn't like me asking. So I gradually started looking into other religions and philosophies for answers. Read many psychology and self-help books (my favourite book section).

I also grew up with weird paranormal things that have happened that are a reminder to me that there is higher powers that exist.

Now I have a mixed belief system and consider myself an open-minded skeptic. I never knew about being able to be conscious in your dreams until this past year, and this REALLY got my attention. My upbringing made me assume AP was evil or bad for you, so I never looked into the subject in my early years.

Thankfully that's over...

I'm looking forwards to learning and sharing experiences with all of you great souls! This forum has already given me so much more knowledge than the many books I've read on the subject.

So far I've had only one lucid dream with semi-conscious awareness (I looked at the front and back of my hand attempting to do a reality check, but it didn't work until I looked closely at the pores and creases in my hand and then saw ripples down my vision and felt my awareness enter the dream body. Felt pretty amazing!) and a couple dreams of OOBEs (I dreamt that I came out of my body and another where I got stuck half way out of my body, but wasn't lucid.) The hypnogogic state fascinates me too and I'm looking forwards to more lucid experiences.

Thank you for the vast information and help!! And I'll see you in there!!
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What a great introduction Levi, I could have written it myself changing only the location.
As a kid it didn't take long to understand that the people I questioned, family, church, simply did not have the answers I sought. And being told my 'gifts' were from the devil certainly didn't help, lol.

Anyway great to have you here and looking forward to following your journey.
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Welcome Levi!

It sounds like you have already read some good, reliable material and arrived at your own insights about much of this practice throughout your life. I think you will make solid progress from here is quite an exciting, fun and challenging journey of exploration! (Edit after a couple hours- That sounds upon reflection as way too simple and saccharine...this journey will be really challenging, at times nearly impossibly difficult and yes, you wanted it that way!)

As a personal aside, my strictly Christian grandmother used to buy me DC and Marvel comics a few times a year. Spider-Man, the Avengers, Fantastic Four...along with a few Archies...By chance she gave me a couple issues back in the late sixties of Dr. Strange and his 'ectoplasmic explorations' just blew my mind at how they resonated with my confused personal experiences. If only she had known what she was contributing to, lol!

That a comic book helped launch my Non-Physical voyage of discovery...thank you Stan Lee (and Jack Kirby)!


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Welcome, Levi.. yes we are so fortunate to still have this amazing AP resource. ( let's help keep it current and active! ).