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New Here. Introduction.

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ksmith44 it is...

My name is Kim and I'm from Philadelphia.  I'm 33 years old and I just started this journey the beginning of this year.

Last year, I lost both my fiancé and then my best friend in March and December.

My friend that passed in December was what started all this. I felt the moment that he passed when I was miles away. I just knew it. It was sudden with no precursor.

I also had a head injury last year when my fiance died and things have been different since then. I can feel energy, know things ahead of time and sense things I can't put into words.

I started the journey to OBEs to connect with them but now I have more then that pushing me forward. Reading Robert Monroe's books and starting his Gateway Program have shifted all my belief systems and pulled me into a lonely journey of self discovery.

Thank you for providing this awesome forum and everyone with their genuine insight.  I'm looking forward to the journey.

I have no yet had a successful OBE but I feel I am close. The techniques I practice are getting more and more results with time and I feel like my mind is getting in the right place.

Thank you all!
"True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us."
– Socrates


Welcome to the forum Kim. I think you will find a lot of interesting material to browse through. If a particular topic interests you and you have any insights or questions to add please do. Don't worry about how old the topic thread may be we will still see it and you just might peak another's interest as well.

I am really sorry for the losses you have had to deal with. Often times we discover new talents after going through a traumatic event and seems to be what happened for you. The event itself can be pretty bad but leave you with gifts you never thought possible.

"Men (and women) need to be humiliated fairly regularly to keep their souls pure... Tucker Carlson"


Welcome to the Pulse, Kim and I wish it were under better circumstances. My condolences as well to your loss of loved ones.
Your recent entry into this spiritual aspect of our existence is an abrupt and difficult one. I hope you can find some worthwhile and reassuring answers on this forum and we are glad to help in any way we can.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


Welcome Kim!!

Your situation is an unfortunate one... I've seen these experiences make some people bitter against the world or they become very strong individuals. Its great that the situation has propelled you in this direction. From what I've read there seems to be many wise individuals here to learn from.

I'm new here too to the Pulse so your post inspired me to write an intro as well!

Looking forwards to going through this experimental journey with you and the others here!
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