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Re-introducing myself after ten years absence

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Hey folks, you might already know me as /u/sac_boy over on Reddit, I post quite frequently over on /r/AstralProjection.

I posted here as 'spacewrangler' when I was in my late 20s, and I'm pretty sure I had another name years before that. Now I'm in my 40s with more experience and new areas of interest, primarily the structure of the self and our place (as in, the place of our Earthly human selves) in all of this. I'll pop in now and then to see if I can give advice!


Thanks for joining us over here!  I've always been very impressed with the quality of your posts over on the r/AstralProjection sub.  So happy to have you here.  :)

Welcome back to the Pulse!


A warm welcome to the fold, I don't frequent those other places but look forward to your insight and expertise here at this venue. --Casey


Welcome Sac, looking forward to your insights.
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