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my experience today.

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Well, that's nice Amed, it's nice to know you actually realized you had done wrong, and have the courage to go back to this person to make it right.  Well done.

I wish other peolpe were more like you.


Howdy there. Its certainly nice to know im not the only one who has seen these things. To be perfectly honest though, its VERY easy to see them. They are commonly referred to a energy globules(In my book "Hands of Light") and I can see them anytime without any meditation at all. You just look up into the blue sky and then let your eyes unfocus for a second or two. When they do, you will notice blue, sorta clear, opaqe blue bubbles everywhere. They are more active arounds trees and animalife. they are easy to see up in the air because of the abundance of them, but you can't see them without meditation while looking near the ground. i guess its something in the coloring of the sky that makes that possible. Also, congratulations on settings things straight with this person. If only everyone who mistreated another would go back and apologise at some point. Ill be perfectly honest, its uncaring people who focus mainly on themselves and trying to look "cool" that I want to punch in the mouth half the time. Too bad my feelings don't permit it. Oh well. Its good to hear a past bully has reformed, as many need to do.

-Andrew(aka Psi)


Well, I'll recount the full day, because it is quite eventful in every aspect of various dicussions on this board and others (im pasting this discussion to bruce's site as well as astralsociety forums).

The day started out with the nice urge to meditate outsite.  I haven't done this ever, seriously like I did this afternoon, but it was most beneficial.  After just 10 seconds of quiet intimate thought with myself outside (and wow, it's so easy to do in nature), I couldnt help but notice the AMAZING sight as I looked up into the sky.  On a side note, I'll tell you my technique:

Imagine your head completely hollow, and then imagine a triangle or pyramid (depending on your visual skills) inside of your head still or rotating (again, depending on your visual skills) with the Eye of God (all that is) at the top of it.  This is what I did.

Back to what i saw:
It looked ilke white ball/entitys flying around sporatically in the blue sky against the sun.  EVERY part of the sky was filled, after mild concentration, with white balls or beings of what appeared to be 'energy' in some form, floating around in different patterns filling up the sky.  I have never seen stuff to this extent, although lately i've noticed that I pick up strange and interesting things in the peripherial.  Anyhow, lesson learned:  meditation outside in nature (fully including a bright/sunny day with sounds of REAL nature around you) is the easiest envirenment to become more 'aware', provided you have the right mindset.  My mindset is unconditional love to everything, including negatives.

Anyhow, I experienced that for the first time, wonderful.  The second is what I'm about to recount.

Like many others before and around me, I've changed since high school.  And I remember being extremely horrible to a particular person that did not deserve anything I dished out.  I am almost bipoloar in that aspect, I was a horrible child/youth but have since learned the hardway that I was horribly wrong.  Anyhow, this particular person, who I'd seen recently, was in my head because i couldnt help but think about how i was a complete moron to this person.  So i vowed in my head that i would apologize to him sometime.  Just this night, plans happenly work out to hang out with him somehow (first time in 4 years probably), and i'll tell you what happened at his house.

In his basement, in the quiet country of my city (northeast ohio, it gets isolated and 'old' real quick), I sensed 'something'.  In this area, I felt a huge presence, or a sort of high energy field.  And right away, thoughts of psychic self defense came real quick.  Some of the various things I experienced that night was telepathy (in mind only?) with the person I was seeking forgivenes.  Along with that, negatiive entity type stuff flying around in front of me seemed to run into a part of my body and create a sort of surge.  I could actually feel myself changing about encountering this stuff (which i then came to think, hey, this is how negativity affects you without taking your freewill).  I hope u can understand that it was indisputable.  Well, to make things short (this is an extremely long post, and its late) the best psychic self defense i came up with was to love everything in sight (back to my last comment, my view on things: unconditional love).  Immediately, after changing my attitude on myself, and everything around me, the negative energy/entity attacks ceased, and i even mustered the courage to call on my spirit guides.  After that, I even recalled hearing an inner voice inside of me, speaking in a way that i would never speak, almost combating and yelling at the negative effects around me.  I felt a strong almost past life or inner higher self speaking out and helping my view.

BUT, in the end:  I was able to apologize to someone I had been meaning to, someone that i had done wrong in the past who didnt deserve it, and in turn remaking a friend that has had so much in common with me this whole time(even in terms of this kind of stuff, self hypnosis was his current interest).

The day was eventful.  In the large scope, I have learned:  If you ask, you will receive; in some form or another.  

any comments? (i apologize for the grammar errors from time to time throughout this piece, I dont feel like rereading it)