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ability ?

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Hi Tortue!

Two ideas come to mind.

1. This is kinda a form of sympathetic magic, where like draws to like. By concentrating on the individual and subsequently their energy signiture (I made that term up just now BTW" border=0> trek?) the individual is drawn to it/themselves. This idea is somewhat flawed however by the fact that people are usually drawn to energy they need not what they have.

2. It is well known in the literature (a way of me trying to say Im not making things up or making up new words) when you concentrate on someone you send a cord of sorts to the individual. It is how long distance psychic work is done. Everyone does this all the time, the cord that exists between couples and twins is very strong and is how people get that 'felling' that something is wrong with the other person. Natural ability is perhaps why this works well for you.

I could blabber on about these links or cords for some time a little later if you are interested.

BTW as a matter of interest you can learn to control this and make people ring you...cuts down on bills!

best regards


Veni Vidi Vici


Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. Here is what happened to me.
This morning I read the reply of your post and meditate
on both ideas. I started reading the book 'The science behind miracles:
unveiling the huna tradition of the ancient polynesians'
The book contain an interesting chapter about psychometry
(telepathy , clairvoyance ,...) I also read a book about quantum
consciousness . If I understood what I read .
we are one , without space/time limit....which explain thought/intent transfer if 'transfer' there is .

...after I read the book I went out to a mall I held the image of a particular
girl I know during a few seconds. You will not be surprise that I meet her in the mall she had an appointment with another girl. We spend the evenning together. Should I make peoples cut down my bills ?
I will try to learn to have a more 'mature' control on this.
any advices is of course welcome :)


Hi Tortue

The phone thing is very true and good to experiment with but its probably not ethical to use it to cut bills down, just kidding there" border=0>

You clearly have quite an ability and you should read everything you can get your hands on you feel relates to it. To be honest this is not an area I have great knowledge in and I hope perhaps someone who knows more will post soon to help answer your questions.

Dont let this scare you but the 'cords' we send people can stay attached for a long while if they are strong and it may not be for the best if you do not make some effort to remove your link to an individual after you have done what you wish to do.

While I know a little about how we link to people and I have done what you do on a few occasions you are clearly very talented and I dont feel I am learned enough in this area to give serious guidence at what is potentially a great turing point in your life. I am however familure with the feelings that come with the gaining of awareness about a new ability so what ever concerns you have in this area Im sure I can be of help with. But by all means post with any questions you have, there are a lot of very well read people here who may be able to help. Personally I am well read in other areas" border=0>

Perhaps you should start a new thread with a clearer name?

best regards


Veni Vidi Vici


the "twisting of fate" perhaps?

i know that there have been a few times in my life that i have been able to alter "the way things should be" into "the way i want things to be". but this can cause that darned ripple effect and can also prevent you from learning certain things that you maybe should have. i have not tried to twist fate on a very grand scale, just like trying to get people to show up when i want to see them, or having a certain movie be available when i wanted to see it. well, maybe this is all just in my head; after all, how can i PROVE, even to myself, that i did those things? well, i can't. fate is so fickle that how can anyone prove that what happened wasn't supposed to happen, even though you changed it (or thought you changed it) from what it "was supposed to be"?


Secret of Secrets


Hi All,

I'm new to  your interesting forums.
I have a little question may be you can help me.

I discovered that each time , I will concentrate on someone
I will meet the person a few hours  later even if I havent seen the person for months or  even if the person doesn't know me  , like someone I cross in the street . what ability is this ? where can I find information about this ?
Its look like telepathy I noticed when the persons doesnt know me and
I decide to see them 3 or 4 times just for test , the persons never notice me.
I dont exist in their world.

Now , I read that all mind link (if mind link there is ) are 2 ways process ?
is it true ? what does  that mean and where can I learn more ?

Thanks you if you have any informations,