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Channeling God!!

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Alright....who's handing out the loopy pills??

I sign myself



It took me a while, but i got right to the end of this thread.

And forgive me if i have missed something over the course of 56 pages.

But why are these conversations being posted?


woahhh stop right there......put those loopy pills down and back away.......................No Idea of what just happened, seems like a loose cannon interesting but .....nah just a fluke

Words.....there was a time when I believed in words!


Yeah I really didn't want to do it like that, but I try to do as I'm told. I know some people hear so that's all that matters now.

This Rhyme is Not A Weapon.

Hey no offence Nay, I like you but I'm a little stressed right now. So I could do with a little more consideration, empathies with me for once. I'll show you the more pleasant honest straight forward way in which I talk to God in this case YOU, put this into the Writing Threads if you feel the Need.


Voided Judgements

And Nay Cease Mocking,
All The Time on AP you've
Been Busy Body Blocking,
Men of The Words Saints Sinners,
Came To Speak Spoken Verb.
Silly Dums Laugh Yet N Reverse,
This is Light Judgment Bringing Chaos
Peace To The Earth, Nay what I set loose in Heaven
You set loose in Earth!

How's that for Easy Birth!

Just one Mime and I do feel better.
Silly me I know whos been through worst

How About I show You This
Crazy Birdmans Feathers!


I'm Going on Hoiday tomarrow, I'm scared of Cars I've said things I felt like I had a duty to say, if i'm not back by friday assume the worst.

Its been emotional

James S


Get some grounding stones or something! Hematite, Tiger Iron or Black Tourmaline are all good.

When one's mental energies are drifting in the upper atmosphere, one seriously needs to plant one's feet in the dirt!

Nay, love the pic! :)



The thing is I don't believe in god, even if I did I wouldn't believe in the tradicional christian god and I don't think he could be "channeled".
If god existed he would be more like a presence than an entity, he wouldn't be something you could have a objective talk with. Once you did contact with him you would instantly acknowledge his will instead of having a normal conversation.

I once believed in the christian god (because I was raised christian), but as I left childhood behind and as I started having oobe and oobe related experiences I quickly stopped believing in the christian construct of god and adopted a more logical one. Later I stopped believing in any kind of god.
So you see, the "little hints along the path of your life to make you think" have been given to me and they didn't led me to believe in god, they did the opposite.

In conclusion I don't believe you are "channeling" god.

This was a quite long post, I apologize if my english isn't very good.


Oh my god ... 56 pages read , that was quite an adventure

Mustardseed i would really really appreciate if you can ask God some questions from my side ...

1. Should i leave my parents alone ? Is there any way i can talk normally to my parents ?

2. IS THIS THE RIGHT WAY ? I am going to do 2 things that will surely change my life ... please refer it to #1 and #2 ...
[most important question]

3. So you are saying year 2012is the end ? :(

I would like to tq from now ...


Yeah well I was doing some serious decoding, it's been very stressful.

Slipping into that Trail again...

Found out I'm only going on Holiday for four days, I think that's good sign! I watched LA story again last night on ITV 3, this time the whole film, especially the end when it says Condition Clear on the Road sign, due to the sheer shock of the experience I had while watching before, (I was Dums Struck) I missed that bit last time!

MS I'm pretty sure where being tested for our Offence and Defense, see Gideon's Trumpets Below! The New Testament Bible I received from the Gideon's when they came to my School along time ago. It was presented to me (signed and recorded) 23/11/95, Nine Years to the Day of the DUM statement, which I only found out afterwards.    

(Read The Label

Anyway looking forward to my hot whirlpool. And I'm going to try some fencing; I'm pretty quick with a stick!

Thanks for your understanding, I will be grounding myself on Holiday, they've got a Zen zone.

Love that Seesaw BTW



Dilated Peoples – Worse Come To Worst



Channeling God

Someone asked some cryptic questions

to you.....yea

what do you mean

I mean cryptic to you

does that mean you know and are able to answer

you know that I know....the question is....are you able to receive

yea that's the problem

anyway you could give it a got to grow in this

you really think so, but what if I get it wrong, it will make people doubt you, won't it?

I can take care of my own reputation.....really quaint you worrying about me, anything strike you as loop sided 8) love the smileys

yea I guess the question was...let me see...I gotta to some pasting wait up..............

here it is

1. Should i leave my parents alone ? Is there any way i can talk normally to my parents ?

2. IS THIS THE RIGHT WAY ? I am going to do 2 things that will surely change my life ... please refer it to #1 and #2 ...
[most important question]

3. So you are saying year 2012is the end ?  

so take the first one


no what

no don't leave them alone, stuff happens and its all for a reason, sometimes more reasons than one. The victory is however in pro active action and in doing rather than being passive, it always is.  He should judge righteous judgment, look deeper look behind the mask the mask is that part that remains frozen and cannot speak.....look at the heart and use my spirit to see if there appears to be a presence of malice or not.

no idea of what you are talking about

that's OK......don't worry about it

OK so is there anyway he can talk normally to his parents

that would entirely depend on him. What is normal anyway, two Greeks do not sound normal to two Scandinavians nor do dumb people appear to be normal, to people who have use of all their faculties. It all depends on there being a will to turn the other cheek, to take and wear the garment of humility, acknowledge differences, all things are possible with my spirit of love, even the dumb speaking but it will require some sacrifices, and some compromising and giving

OK again no idea.....continuing should he do 1 or 2

I will not answer that, I am not in the business of making decisions for folks who can make them for themselves, I would be really very careful with deciding on the first one so...well ask him to either rephrase or make up his mind. It all depends on him, where does he want to be in 5 years

OK so you are saying 2012 is the end...?are you

for you all there will be no end I am with you always world without end, besides why worry about 2012 its a long way off. I can tell you something else though....the veil is getting thinner, the manifestations of the spiritual realities are increasing and the enemy of mankind is very active.

OK I will send that thanks hope its OK bye

Words.....there was a time when I believed in words!


Ok all this letter to "God" was useless for me . And i believe if it was truly God who you talked to , he would have sent me some guidance .

In short , at the first question he all said its up to my normality vs theyre normality and to look deeper , use his spirit blabalbal . Didnt help me

At the second question the answer was the same , its up to me . Dear Mustardseed if that entity was God he would have understood from START that i was trying to understand the consequences of my actions of #1 and #2 because im not sure of them . And for God .. of course i am careful deciding ...

Can you ask ~ God ~ if hes got something to tell me ?


God was telling you something, but you should know that the English language isn't necessarily the best medium, especially written.

Look inside yourself for your path and follow it, because you should know yourself better than anything (and if you don't, then maybe you should). Don't be afraid of the dark places inside, because one day they're going to jump out when you least want them to. Don't be afraid of death, but don't be afraid of life either. Do what you're supposed to do and be happy, or don't and be miserable. Your choice. Just don't be afraid of yourself dammit.

He gave you a simple answer; don't leave your parents alone. A suggestion.
I come prepared...with COOKIES! No, you can't have one!


Question to god..................

How does one breaketh the Master Lock?

'Cause I am the Headliner, the Showstopper, the Main Event, the Icon, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

' Cause I am The Headliner, The Showstopper, the Main Event, The Icon, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels


by loving self does one love all, or by loving all does one love self?

and, do we need to breath...?

do you have a free will or does everything happen with divine reasoning...

sorry for all the questions, but I'm very curious.



Dear Interesant
Sorry it did nothing for you. Instead of trying to explain why I think this did not work , look above at the previous posts.

I was thinking about it and felt the need to ask instead, if you would be interested in learning to Channel God for yourself. It stands to reason that if he speaks to me he would also speak to you.

If so I would be glad to do some hands on instruction of my way of doing it. This would require a bit of time on your part as it is part meditation and learning automatic writing. Maybe others would be interested as well.

Regards Mustardseed
Words.....there was a time when I believed in words!


Yes i would be interesting in learning such a thing .


Very well then. I will put together a few points . That might take a few days as I am in the middle of some other business.

Please take note that as any endeavor in the spiritual/astral it requires a positive can do attitude. Just as few people learn how to project if they do not believe in it, channeling has to do with a believing will.

Use these days to ready yourself, telling yourself that you are getting ready to talk to God. I have tried Channeling other people but find that even though at times it happens, for starters God is so all encompassing that it gives me more faith to hear. It is as if I say to myself that if there is a God and he is all powerful he is certainly able to talk to anyone he wants to talk to.

This is priming the pump so to speak, and I will get back to you later. Anyone else interested in this conversation?

Regards Mustardseed
Words.....there was a time when I believed in words!


Quote from: MustardseedAnyone else interested in this conversation?

I think the list would be smaller if you asked who was not interested :P
I come prepared...with COOKIES! No, you can't have one!


Mustardseed i think it would be better if you could PM with an id of yahoo messenger / msn messenger / server of mirc-> channel . It would be way better if we could do a real time chat , so i can ask questions and so on .

Looking forward to it


The Purpose of This Thread's Revelation

There will be no more Delay!!!

Well I'm still alive. I am the 2nd Oazaki to appear. I've had more time to think about my judgments and the purpose of this thread. I believe the purpose is to lure the enemy out from his hiding. The Enemy has already appeared. My codeword for the enemy (and Gods Codeword) is Robert Bruce, re-read the thread.

Decode People!!!

I now trust the real Robert Bruce, so sorry about that earlier statement.

Mustard Seed and Oazaki, I know we've been lead by the spirit. Therefore in this matter you are not under the Law. I understand a lot of what's going on I was lead here by spirit just the other day.

The Greek word for Water is Neroh!!!

Now As you have said Mustard Seed

"It says:

And you shall hear a still small voice beside you saying this is the way walk in it.

God was not in the thunder or lightening but in a still small voice. The enigma of life the most power full being of all talks in a whisper, the ultimate ruler is born a poor person, and the most unlikely group of people are chosen as representatives of God, the foolish the poor and the simple. Selah

By the way Selah is Hebrew and I believe it means Think. Beth would know."

Well it says the most unlikely group of people are chosen as representatives of God. In my case the most unlikely person I can think of is Oazaki.

This is interesting, I've been saying since watching the beech "Very intrestarno". Anyway on my tree of life Oazaki is a complete straight line that travels straight down the middle of the tree from top to bottom, very elegant indeed, but it could also be seen as lukewarm. I seriously don't know.

Well call me crazy but I think GOD plans very far ahead, well he doesn't I think he just does it!

This is the most Self-Evident thing ever! Water is the symbolic example of nothing. I understand a lot about nothing and I know how dangerous the practice of nothing is, attracting all sorts of problems. I've decoded a little of this, Man is Nothing i.e. Water, and when we look into water we see ourselves, reflected in nothing! Like the Abyss in the tree of life...

The numbers six can be flipped to nine. So the number 666 and the number 999 (both the same number for me) can both be flipped, for me its self evident that these numbers represent Reflection.

This makes compete sense to me, but I know some people won't understand.

Arn de Gothia

GOD, Who's the enemy of mankind. Are they aliens, and when will the war begin. Will it be WW 3 with nukes raining from the sky. If they are aliens i suppose they would sneek in the backdoor and stab us in the back??


QuoteThe numbers six can be flipped to nine. So the number 666 and the number 999 (both the same number for me) can both be flipped, for me its self evident that these numbers represent Reflection.

any number like that can be flipped just my keyboard doesnt support it
but look at this ive been thinking bout it

9 pointer star represents wisdom (as far is googled it :P)

6 + 6 + 6 = 18
then 1 + 8 = 9

9 > is multi-talented, compassionate, and global.
as to 9 pointed star points to wisdom.

flipped 9 + 9 + 9 = 27
2 + 7 = 9.

18 + 27 = 45,  4 + 5 = 9

something else :P
.can be seen as trinity.
god/toa(3)  as Masculine/yang(1) and Feminine/yin(2).

current worked on explenation of trinity in a tao-ish sense :)
Trinity is, Tao which manifested by (or give rise to by) yin and yang... 1 -> 2 and 3 ... 2 and 3 is the basis of any mathamatic... 1 can change any number to iether yin or yang... 1 can stand on its one unchanged ... there is tao in yin and tao in yang as its the basis of eitherthing and the manifestation of perfectly balanced yin and yang. as number is multiplied with 1 or devided it stays the same as it can iether stay neutral or influence a change from yin to yang or yang to yin.

anywhays what i wanted to comment that what i come to believe and read is that it may be wisdom that will be the undoing of 'christian faith' as it just putted 666, even to that one may not ask nor seak asnwers then its wrong and away from the pack. moreoever it possible that the broad path could be just blindly following the priest/church and not asking god personally to lead you which then points to narrow and oddly path that sure has been the case so far of really wanting and searching for the truth and nost just blindly follow rulebooks.

i would like to pop an interisting question MS :)

why in the old testiment is that god/deity so warthfull and warlike even as he says i am jelious dont worship other gods.

than in the new testiment that god/deity is so loving and caring who says that love is
QuoteLove is patient, kind, gentle, joyous and peaceful.  Long-suffering.  Love does not know hate, anger or jealousy.  Love is not proud or boastful.  Love believes, hopes, bears and endures.  Love never fails
then surly its not same god/deity ????

end of world -> if i may venture more like end of age for something and if we did know when how what possible could we do to change it ?

anywhays blessings and i want to channel to love u all peace,


I would like to know... to you hear anything before you talk to this 'god' MS?

I do wish he/she would show him/herself and give some proof.. as in anwsering these 2 questions.
1) are you real?
2) anwser this problem please (as stated in the first page, although this time I am looking for the anwser to the written problem below), i am interested in the anwser because it would be very interesting to know an anwser to this math problem that has not been solved by humans before:

You have a set of 1000 numbers.

K = some number that is approximately half the sum of the set

At most 1000^10 (exponent 10) times: You may compare, add, subtract, or do anything else (that takes a short time) to a number in the set.

Find a set of numbers (from the set of 1000) that sums to exactly K.

-please anwser both questions.

Aaaah yes and one more. What color of skin, as we would term it today, was Jesus?
Save your tears for the day when our pain is far behind on your feet come with me we are soldiers stand or die
Save your fears take your place save them for the judgement day fast and free follow me time to make the sacrifice we rise or fall


QuoteYou have a set of 1000 numbers.

K = some number that is approximately half the sum of the set

At most 1000^10 (exponent 10) times: You may compare, add, subtract, or do anything else (that takes a short time) to a number in the set.

Find a set of numbers (from the set of 1000) that sums to exactly K.

this was allready asked and asnwerd on page 1 by beavis :)

jesus or godhead. seems to be same as all other interprations:
(book - The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God or internet source)

Mithra or Mithras, Khrishna of Hindostan; Buddha Sakia of India; Salivahana of Bermuda; Osiris and Horus of Egypt; Odin of Scandinavia; Crite of Chaldea; Zoroaster of Persia; Baal and Taut of Phoenicia; Indra of Tibet; Bali of Afghanistan; Jao of Nepal; Wittoba of Bilingonese; Tammuz of Syria and Babylon; Attis of Phrygia; Xamolxis of Thrace; Zoar of the Bonzes; Adad of Assyria; Deva Tat and Sammonocadam of Siam; Alcides of Thebes; Mikado of the Sintoos; Beddru of Japan; Hesus or Eros, and Bremrillahm, of the Druids; Thor, son of Odin, of the Gauls; Cadmus of Greece; Hil and Feta of Mandaites; Gentaut and Quetzalcoatl of Mexico; Universal Monarch of the Sibyls; Ischy of Formosa; Divine Teacher of Plato; Holy One of Xaca; Fohi and Tien of China; Adonis, son of virgin lo, of Greece; Ixion and Quirinus of Rome; Prometheus of the Caucasus; and Mohammed or Mahomet, of Arabia.

dont think skin would really change matter.

MS is channeling his higherself, which we all have and is interconnected to the SOURCE or God for that matter.



Hey Mustardseed,

'Selah' is based upon the verb 'to raise up' 'to lift' and is sometimes used as the equivalent to 'amen' ...

'Selah' can also mean 'to weigh' or 'to balance' as in "it cannot be weighed against gold of Ophir..." (Job 28:16-19.)

BUT, the exact same word also means "to make light of" or "to toss aside"

so...we have to be especially careful with this one unless your context is really clear.  For example, if I were to sign a post:


it would be intended to carry the first meaning, but -- I guess if I wanted to be covertly tacky, it could also be the third meaning, or in modern day emoticonism, the same as  :roll: .

You know me Mustardseed, enough I hope, to know that my position on these ancient languages is such that they should be appreciated in our world for what they were, but not to fall into the error that these 'dead languages' can ever become what they once were--so we need to leave them in the past so to speak.  And this is most especially the case for the Semitic languages, there is just too much of a variation of meaning... and besides, both Hebrew and Greek have modern forms of their languages that, should you be interested, you could use if you so chose.  But the biblical languages cannot be used as such...

BTW:  'Neroh' is a perfect example:  this is the word for 'water' in MODERN Greek, not ancient, classical, or biblical Greek.  

Language is wonderful, but language definately has its limits.  If God can speak, and wants to speak to an individual, God knows well what their native language is.  If God ever wanted to talk to me, it had better be in English, because even with being familiar with the biblical languages, I would probably still say "huh?" "What didya' say??" :wink:

Peace MS,
Become a Critical Thinker!
"Ignorance is the greatest of all sins."
                   --Origen of Alexandria