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telekenesis and new to group

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HI all, perhaps this should be somewhere else, but I have been finding some interesting things of late.  Also I am new to this group and it was recommended by a nice gentleman from another forum, good move.

Of late, the last few years, I have had an urgency to change or finish my spiritual growth which I noticed was the case of many others, as though time is important here and many of us have a job to do. I am one of the older members of these groups and time as we know it is not available to us folks getting into our 70's.

I was directed to telekinesis from an inner voice and so started messing with TK wheels on needles and worked hard for a month or so, finally getting results where I could keep them moving from anywhere in the home..  Since, I have slacked off as it drains a great deal of energy from my spirit form, or so I think as I end up with sick headaches.  This is not about TK even though it is very rare.  I consider it to be a form of astral projection, very much like that many of you strive to do, only an awake event.  I feel at times when I force it, I drain the battery of my spirit and it takes a time to come back.  Imagine shoveling some heavy mud, it will tire you out.  Tk for me was a form of learning or at least a validation that I was far more than this body and I finally had to put to sleep much of what I taught in science for I could find few answers and it opened further the door to spirituality.  The wheels I have out all the time are just to me, gauges to measure my energy and not to be abused.

Here is a run down on some interesting side observation regarding all this.  My wife whom is not interested and does not participate, finally agreed to try TK and was able to do it as well as I after I went through the self training, hmmmm?  Then my sister in law came down and I tried it out on her, she was able to pick up on it as well, right away.  Then her husband arrived and he wanted to know what those disc's were for.  I told him that it was scientifically impossible, but he could turn them just by being close to them, and he did and walked away very confused.  Of course he is never sober, so that may have been part of it.  At this time, I began to suspect, wonder, if people came into my home, was near me, could they just learn from me spiritually what I learned, and then just do it.  Validation came this morning.  Two of my wife's  relatives arrived last night and got up before we did.  Edna came into the living room and all three wheels kept turning.  Later her husband came in and they discussed where the wind was coming from, the home was closed down, they were confused!  Later I got up, got a cup of coffee and I also asked if the had opened a window as the wheels were going crazy.  So I tested them each and they both moved the wheels easily just by being near.  Mind control, not sure, but certainly they did.

What I see is, about 100 percent to the folks who come into this home, are able to do this and why.  Is it possible that we can teach abilities just by being near one another, not mind to mind, book to mind but astrally to astrally, on a more real level that this level where we play in the mud. Some evidence shows that distance should not be a factor in this, I should be able to think at someone far away or just say, go with it and it will manifest.  Imagine again sharing all this energy just by being what we are.  All this is real and it matter little if anyone does not believe for my reality will remain the same and moving on.

To sum it up, I have been trying hard for 3-4 to do obe's (don't have the language down yet). I have had two vibrational episodes which I recognize as I did one several years ago.  I have not been successful yet beyond bouncing up and down sensation.  Last night, I bounced in and out and the cat whom sleeps at the foot of the bed, got excited and did her routine thinking I was getting up, but my body was frozen in place, only my real part was going up and down.  Hope she does not do this all the time as it messes me up. :|



applies to all oscillating systems (including human beings)

QuoteImagine again sharing all this energy just by being what we are.

One thing not understand by most people is the degree to which being as we be affects any and every thing else (even the chair you or I may be sitting upon right now).


That is sooo, cool.  I have responded to a couple on  another site that are nice, but doubt, my claims.  Thus, I set up the experiment and told them it will work for them as it does for those within my home.  We will see, as I sent along the feelings that it will, yet I don't have a clue where they live?? :roll: