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Earth Population

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I never really thought about the population growth rate before, but just now I had a sudden thought to check. You can open the below link and you can see the births and deaths rate change in real time. Births are almost twice as high as deaths. You can check other graphs as well. The growth rate was the highest in the 60s, 70s and 80s. in early 1960s the population was about 3 billion. Now it's almost 8 billion. Approximately a billion people growth each decade. This shows how our technological evolution sustains life longer. But how many people can our planet house at a time. What's going to happen in 100 years when the population will be twice as much than today?

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Just giving it a quick look it's insane:
Energy consumed
Solar energy
And yet look how precariously we still worship the oil without batting an eye for the alternatives.
I sure hope we , can put to use thought=action.

Quote from: LightBeam on November 23, 2021, 22:34:35
What's going to happen in 100 years when the population will be twice as much than today?  
Can we professionally speculate like mature children on that? lol. I wish I could say 'digital upload of consciousness', but probably won't be necessary with everyone packed up at home inside a cozy mind-bending capsule thing. The metaverse will make things like the movie you mentioned Free Guy or a low-tier Ready Player One, a thing (eventually). The singularity had to hit a long time ago, like an unmeasurable time ago, this is just petroleum jelly for the beliefs of mankind. And this is just for the first world, third world I suppose will continue with cargo cults. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the link, really enjoyed live statistics :)


I honestly don't know what direction will our line of probability take. But digital upload of consciousness sounds pretty bizarre to me. We must find a way first to clean the planet and the air we breathe, and convert into other energy sources, which have already been discovered and I am glad to see movement in climate change. Medicine discoveries also play significant role in extending life. In the dark ages the median life expectancy was 35 years. Can you imagine? One in 4 children did not reach adulthood. One in 5 women died in childbirth. in the past 100 years thanks to medicine the plaques are under control. But the more we get advanced, the faster the population grows and we need to also find a way to be able to provide resources for all. If we don't, then on a subconscious level, the masses must create events like epidemics and wars to reduce the population or to trigger needed changes in society, government, behavior, etc. When comes to unoccupied land, there is still plenty between big cities. and they are not even used for agriculture. But we must replenish the forests and not touch them, stop using wood and come up with different materials for furnishing and paper. I hope we are not going to go the rout of chemically created food though. That would be disturbing. We need to go the rout of connecting more with nature, keeping it clean, so it can give back to us. While at the same time we do use our technological progress for good things. It is a very challenging task, but for this to happen, human behavior must change, more wisdom and compassion needs to get accumulated through the masses to get the mass movement in the right direction.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


This is a fairly decent statistical look at what is ( and needs ) to happen. Nature will always seek balance:

It is a fascinating subject. I have been following it for some time.


Edit: After having a look at the above video, and I do recommend listening to that one first, have a listen to this one which fills in a lot of the missing blanks:
Population Growth. Is it out of control? :

In a nutshell, statisticians are often more concerned about projections showing upcoming population reduction.

They contact diminishing fertility with mortality rates. They show what is needed for us to live/thrive longer.

Without destruction of the species ( of course ).

I enjoy contemplating these ideas.


Around 2008-2010 I found this website, it's been fun.

It seems to line up with the Kardashev scale.

Also considering the meeting heads of the world might have taken population control in their own hands, it would appear fertility rates and sperm count in men are on a steady decline.