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Fireballs in the Sky all over earth/Satellites not working??

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People something is going on and governments won't confirm it.....

I have found many articles, but here are a few that cross reference each other and confirm something is coming from outer space.

QuoteSatellite Mysteriously Quits

In an extremely rare event, a communications satellite has stopped communicating, resulting in no telephone service for 10 South Pacific nations. The hundred million dollar IS-804 satellite stopped relaying phone calls on Saturday. It's probably still in orbit, but no longer pointing its antennae toward Earth. This could have been caused by the recent the solar storms, although no other satellites have been affected.

The NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado has issued a warning about a strong solar flare and radiation storm. The flare is large enough to cause radio blackouts and is the largest flare ever produced by this particular group of sunspots. More flares are expected this weekend.

The satellite loss left the Cook Islands, Western Samoa, Solomon Islands, part of Samoa, Tuvalu and Tonga, as well as other small and island nations in the region, without telephone communication.

QuoteFireballs in Spain

Click to See Object Split in Two
It's usually ice blocks that fall from the sky in Spain, but recently hundreds of witnesses there saw balls of fire in the sky. Authorities are searching for an estimated 50 tons of material from a meteorite which broke up after colliding with the Earth. A local official says, "I left the house at around 12 minutes to six. I heard a big explosion, like an earth tremor, and a white cloud of smoke formed around a nearby mountain which took a long time to disappear." Another witness says, "There was a loud report, like an explosion. The windows shuddered and we were frightened."

What's worrisome is that there was no warning—despite the fact that the meteorite must have weighed between 50 and 100 tons. Astrophysicist Jose Maria Quinana says, "What is odd is that no warning whatsoever was received from the many spotters who specialize in this subject."

These extraordinary photos were provided by José Manuel García Bautista of Spain's "Frontera Desconocida" radio program.

Many meteorites are mistaken for UFOs, since these mysterious craft have brightly shining lights. Are they trying to hide, or to attract our attention—exactly what is their agenda?

Please add to your list you won't regret it.



Hi RT,
Haven't heard about the satellites, although I have seen and heard about the fire-balls.

Here in Australia in the past year there have been many sightings of unusual fire-balls.  For a two week period there were only huge green fire-balls reported all around the country, which is highly unusual.  The rest are reported as big, bright and usually yellow to orange in color.

Some of the ones I've seen for myself have also been highly unusual, mainly for the behavior which is quite different to most atmosphere entering objects...  shooting stars we can call them.  LOL

I've seen huge egg-shaped bright lights dropping down to the earth, and without any form of tail as you would get with a shooting star.  Two dropped vertically to the west of my house, and made no Kaboom noises or anything else.  Just dropping silently.

There is certainly a hell of a lot going on at the moment, and I think it will get more active over the next two years.

Thanks for the article and links.



Im not sure if this has anything to do with it but a few nights ago around like 7 or 8 pm here in the US the moon looked really strang. At one point around the edge of the moon it was a bright red. Then it went away. Then there was like a cloud of smoke or dust around the moon but not directly on it. It was quite odd.

Any one else notice that??
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Quote from: TheDarkApprenticeIm not sure if this has anything to do with it but a few nights ago around like 7 or 8 pm here in the US the moon looked really strang. At one point around the edge of the moon it was a bright red. Then it went away. Then there was like a cloud of smoke or dust around the moon but not directly on it. It was quite odd.

Any one else notice that??

Well, I can't comment on the fire balls, but I will comment on the moon thing.  Last night I woke to take care of my newborn I thought it was already morning because the sky seemed to be bright and slighthly orange, like it would be in the morning when the sun rises. The only thing was it was about 1:38 am, I woke my wife to show her and she comment "weird" she went back to bed but I watched a bit longer, then retired.  

I am going to start paying more attention to some of these signs now.

Thanks for you input on this friends.



QuoteSuspected meteor lands in Cambodia: police

Wed Jan 26, 6:16 AM ET
(AFP) - A 4.5-kilogram (10-pound) suspected meteorite has landed in rice fields in northwestern Cambodia, narrowly avoiding a nearby village, police said.

"The rock fell on a harvested rice field from the sky on Monday morning," said Sok Sareth, police chief of Banteay Meanchey province, which borders Thailand.

"According to the villagers who live nearby, it came very quickly from the sky and made a noise like a bomb exploding. It dug about 40 centimetres (16 inches) into the ground," he told AFP.

"The rock is a little bit black and was hot, and looks strange compared to other rocks... It was lucky that it did not land in the village or people could have been killed," he said, adding experts would examine the rock.

Pictures of the lump were splashed across the front pages of local newspapers Wednesday.

Sok Sareth said some villagers reportedly wanted to turn it into a shrine.

"Nobody has asked for it yet, but I have been told some villagers said that they want to put it on a shrine to pray to it, but we won't allow them to do that. It's useless," he said.

Cambodians, particularly in rural areas, are typically superstitious.


I've seen some weirdness in the sky as well and fairly recently. But I wonder just how weird this all is. Maybe it's always weird but we don't normally pay attention and most people spend most of their time indoors these days. At least here in US.


My ufo experience twenty+ years ago was with a giant blue sphere that eventually began flashing green. I only saw it floating unmoving in the sky. Other witnesses described it as moving through the sky as 'fireball'-like or meteor-like. Since then I have paid particular attention to this form of ufo reporting.

The blue/green fireballs are a historically consistent phenomenon witnessed traveling up and down the mountain ranges of the Eastern United States going back to Revolutionary times. Some were considered forms of ball-lightning (which I have also witnessed) or meteorites and these are logical explanations for at least some of these sightings. Blue and green are normal colors as certain metals and chemical compounds burn up as they disintegrate within our atmosphere.

In the Pacific Northwest of the US, the blue/greens are also rather prolific, it appears. In the US Southwest, the fireballs are almost always red, orange or yellow...

An interesting phenomenon and apparently another indicator that we are not alone.
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