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David Warner

Date: February 22-2013

Out of Body Experiences with David Warner on ParaScience Talk Radio

This Friday, 2/22/13, 9-11PM CT (10-12M ET) on Parascience Talk Radio Show, Join Host Gina Wedlake and Jack Oliver and special guest Astral Projectionist Expert, of the Astral Pulse Academy,David Warner! Since 1987, David has been traveling out of body. He shares with others his experiences and brings awareness to the community what is possible through OBE. David will also be bringing on the air, a special student of his academy that will inspire/enlighten us to the the possiblities of astral travel like never before! This is a must hear program for any OBE enthusiast. Curious? Join us and see what possibilities astral travel could bring to you! Listen live and join us in our live chat room to interact with David tonight!

Link: ParaScience Talk Radio Show

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