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Radio Interview 07-27-2007 "Tvos" - Glastonbury Radio

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David Warner

Ap Friends,

It's now confirmed on a short notice tomorrow night at 10:00PM (UK Time) 5:00PM (EST).

The show will be an hour long and there will be roughly around 12 questions for me to come up with and share with in the interviewer. This will be actually fun which I can ask AP friends for a few questions to submit so I can add into the show.

So fire away...

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Here's a couple

"How has Astral Projection effected your everyday life?"
"Have your religious/spiritual views been changed or re-thought because Astral Projection?"

If I get off work early today, I can make it home in time to listen. I'll do my best. Good Luck, TVOS!

David Warner

thank you...

that was one of the questions I had thought up earlier and added.

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David Warner

AP Friends,

The interview wentwell, metioned Astral Pulse, EIC towards the end of the show. Had a few callers asking questions, some real good one's which I'll have to add to my faqs. I've edited audio file and uploaded to my web site for download. Only thing that is edited is the commercials due to licensing and copyright for protection.

You can also visit this location: for more information about the interviews for that night. The radio announcer "Ross" mentioned that the interview would be played at various times through the week.

Thank You,

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