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More Wasted Research

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Lol I think mainly it is the article writers framing things in the way designed to most stir interest. I am sure the study had nothing at all to do with "sixth sense" and everything to do with exploring the science of sensory perception. Sort of the same way the media insists on calling the higgs boson the "god particle" even though that name explains less than nothing and the phrase was only uttered in an offhand way by one public spokesman. The media loves to view science and metaphysics as mortal combatants in a never-ending slug-fest.
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Meh, they're only scouting around the issue of an inherent ability we are born with. I can't find a link but babies can recognise a difference in pictures of random dots immediately. if 100 are used and one dot is blanked out, it triggers a signal in the brain that doesn't occur with identical pictures.
That's the reality, sixth sense, ha.
Perhaps we should do a test to see if scientists are real by testing if they sink in water.
If we make them wear a 2000lb lead jacket to start with and chuck em into the ocean where those trenches are, when they resurface they can tell us what they'd like to smell.
It will be a good test for ' headupthearse' syndrome.
It's about as relevant...
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