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There's a really sweet deal available right now where you can get a free copy of pzizz, a normally $40 Mac/Win application that helps you fall asleep with audio. It's not binaural beats, but definitely high quality. I'm confident it could help everyone, either with AP and meditation, or just generally getting a good rest.

What you do is vote at mydreamapp.com for what you think are good application ideas. You'll have to sign up, but that's just to prevent fraud, so you won't have to worry about spam.

Also - I'm one of the contestants! My application idea is called "iVlog." It's a video journaling application and I specifically intend it for dream journaling.

It's so hard to be a good dream journler. It takes a lot of diligence, writing, and time. With video journaling though, you can just talk and that's it. You'll even be able to look at your emotional reaction on your face, which provides for a much better mnemonic. I know for me this would cut down the difficulty of dream journaling immensely. It would even record in nightvision, so you don't even have to turn on a light.

Okay, go vote quickly, because the offer ends sometime tomorrow night.

Remember, if iVlog wins, I'll be intimately involved with the development of the app, and so will you, because you can send us your ideas. Let's make the perfect video dream journaling app. :)

Update: After the first few hours of voting, I'm actually in danger of elimination. So, if you really want to help, just vote for iVlog only and don't risk other apps edging me out. Of course, it's up to you. :)

Update: They've extended voting into Saturday.


well I voted for you but I havent seen your posts in a while
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Quote from: GANAMOHA on September 21, 2006, 22:57:49
well I voted for you but I havent seen your posts in a while

That's because I don't feel like I have anything to contribute. I really despise dream journaling and it's difficult for me to have experiences without it. This app is meant to fix problems for everyone who has difficulty journaling.

Thanks for the vote. I seriously don't mean to bother anyone, but I'll be eliminated today, if I don't pick up less than 0.5 percentage points, and this opportunity to make a great video dream journaling app will be gone.

Enjoy your free copy of pzizz.  :lol:

Update: Voting has been extended. I only need 0.2 percentage points.  :cry:

I love these new emoticons, by the way. Very subtle.


Interesting site.  8-)

For what its worth, I voted for ya Telos.


I don't really want the program (the $40 one, that is, not your idea of a program) but I voted for you anyway! It's a good idea.
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