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2 questions I need answered

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1)Howdy guys. Hope you can help explain what happened to me. About 6 months ago I woke up at maybe 10 in the morning. So I drag myself out of bed and go downstairs. It wasn't until I was half way down that I noticed something that I have no idea why it didn't click when I woke up. As my body was walking down the stairs, I was looking down at it.     

And then, just like that, once I relaized I was out of my body, I returned to it and once again had a first person view. I had to sit down for a few minutes after that because I was at a loss for words, still am actually. How could I have an out of body experience even when my body is moving around like normal? Has this happened to anybody else?

2)For the last year or so, I've been unsucessful with APing. I don't count the above because I didn't induce it. There's a recurring dream I have whenever I try to concentrate on APing before I fall asleep. In the dream I'm outside of my body but can never control where I'm going and I'm always still in my bedroom.

Which brings me to the subject of my spirit guide. Last night I sent out thoughts asking for my spirit guide to allow me to meet him/her and for me to be able to remember it. I don't remember anything but I had the dream of me APing again. I'm confused, does that mean anything?



Does it mean something to you?

OBE can happen anywhere, its possible and not neccesarily unheard of. I remember when I was in kindergarten I jumped of a swing and immediatly switched to another viewpoint and watched myself fly off directly into a tree... kinda funny actually...

Are you sure its a dream? Perhaps you're OBE and just aren't lucid enough to have good control. Try to get away from you body and keep saying "clarity now" or "control now" and you may be able to have more control.

Perhaps the spirit guide thoughts did work and you just haven't realized that you are not dreaming, but rather OBE'ing...
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During these "dreams" I never see my body though. Does it matter?


I've only seen mine twice while OBE, one time it was a gorgeous electric blue, and the other time it looked normal... Seeing your body has never been necesary for me while OBE. In fact my most vivid and amzing experince was without seeing my body
I'd rather spend my life attempting to make myself happy rather than prevent myself from being unhappy.


There's no requirement that you be in any particular state to have an OBE. It's just that in some states it's easier than in others.
What the techniques usually accomplish is to take your mind off the process while it takes place. In the spontaneous events all goes well, like you described, until you pay conscious attention.

All that is because during an OBE nothing really happens other than a change in one's point of view of perception. Conscious habit tends to impose a single POV - namely that of the normal waking state POV. In that state you are still seeing the reality but from a particular perspective.  During an OBE or in some meditative states you see the same reality but from a different perspective. Much like seeing a circle turn into an ellipse.

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