2 Weeks of Attempting an OBE!

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Tomorrow is the last day of school for this year. I'll have 2 weeks to attempt my first OBEs without any stress - no homework, no due assignments no pressure. I am pretty sure i'll have an OBE during these 2 weeks because I will attempt to have one everyday. Can you guys give me any tips/advice on having an OBE now that I won't be busy as I usually am. For example should I wake everyday 3 hours before I naturally wake up to attempt an OBE. More than 3 months of OBE research I think i'll have one during these 2 weeks.



I'd say attempt three times a day instead of once, In the morning after waking up, in the afternoon, and before you got sleep at night.


I would suggest setting your alarm 1-2 hours before you plan on getting up for the day. Get a drink and wake up a little bit. Find a comfortable range where you know you can go back to bed and drift on the verge of sleep. Honestly: try laying in a position for you that would be the hardest to fall asleep (my position is on my back). I think you will have the best opportunity during the morning after a full nights rest but that is my biased opinion based upon my experiences. I've also found sleep deprivation to encourage my results =X.

Make a goal --- It is very important to set something as your INTENT to go to when you project, or have a goal of what you want to do in the experience. That will alone will help greatly. I remember when I first began to work on inducing my OBE's I would set glasses out on the kitchen table and try going to them in the experience. Try recognizing inconsistencies from dreams vs reality to encourage possibilities of going from lucid dream to OBE.

When you feel a similarity to waking consciousness in your experience and you have your own thoughts and will in your OBE's you will have known you have made great progress.

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yeah I agree with kaos. The first thing I realized I must do to succeed in projecting was to not lay in the same position I use to fall asleep. The first few attempts I made I ended up falling asleep very quick, so I started to lay on my back and that stopped me from falling asleep. After years of practice though now I can pretty much fall asleep in any position lol. I think 2 - 3 hours early is good. Another thing that seems to increase the chances of succeeding is to make an attempt during the afternoon say around 1-4 pm. It seems during the afternoon even if you fall asleep your consciousness snaps right back right as you start to fall asleep. I have a lot of success in the afternoon. Another thing when you start to wake up try to practice not sitting up immediately, often you will find that upon waking after sleep you are in the vibration stage and exit is really simple.


I like to get up at regular time for about an hour or so and then attempt.


I agree with everthing which was said in the previous posts, especially the intention part. There's a couple of things I would add though. Concentrate your intention into a sentence which you repeat to yourself as you go back to sleep. Then keep repeating this sentence mentally (perhaps every 30 seconds or so) right up to the point of sleep. It's really crucial in my experience to keep this up right to the point of sleep, because  it's the very last thing in your mind as you cross over which has the impact. If your intention loses focus, and you begin thinking other thoughts before you fall asleep, this might cause you to fail. It can take a bit of effort to do this but it works.

Good luck.


In my experiences the best chance you have at succeeding in projection is after sleep. Lately I have had the problem of waking up after only about 3 - 4 hours of sleep, Im not sure why though. So what I do is get up move around a bit, perhaps for a half hour, sometimes an hour or more. Then when I lay back down in only about 5 -10 minutes I am swept over with vibrations. After about 5 minutes of lasting in the vibration state I feel a bit of movement and then suddenly start to see my surroundings and find myself out of my body within a few feet of it (which is what mentioned previously in another thread about the seperation I go through just seems automatic). However if Im tired and not focused it is very easy to fall asleep during the vibrations, and sometimes if Im too awake they will come but fade away and I will just lay there awake. Every so often I will get the vibrations but it leads no where I will have them and they will not get stronger, and they dont weaken. Usually though with the right focus it leads me out.

I take every chance I get though to attempt. When Im going to sleep at night, when Im waking up, and when I lay back down mid day...etc. The most success Ive had is laying back down after waking up though (within an hour). When I attempt at night I dont seem to be conscious when the vibration stage first hits I will just become conscious of it after its already been going on for sometime. When waking up I have success at hitting the vibrations (and Ill get an exit about every other try). When I try upon laying back down after waking up (after a half hour after) I almost always have full waking consciousness when the vibrations first hit, and almost always achieve an exit.

   Be aware though if you are on the brink of achieving an exit and you are semi tired, or not focused you may end up somewhere no where near your physical body. This happened to me the other day, it's very disorientating.


The best time for me is also after I've had a good sleep, but before my usual waking hour.  So 3-4 in the morning is a good time.  Also getting up and having a cup of gentle tea, and doing some OBE related activity such as reading an OBE book or writing in this forum (as I am doing right now) for a half hour or so, then going back to bed increases my chances.  The combination of getting your deep sleeps in ahead of time and also doing something stimulating for the mind is a potent combination and for me is critical in being successful.  I've also had some success with late afternoon naps.
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I think im the type of guy who doesn't get any vibrations as a pre-projection sign. I've "almost" OBEd 3 times and none of them had vibrations just weird sounds and the feeling of being separated. No luck today :(


Hi Explorer, if I had 2 weeks to myself, I'd do lots of energy exercises every day.  I've been taught very simple exercises to induce vibrations and ultimately OBEs by experts - so if you're not sure, let me know and I'll do my best.

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