"Abduction" while in Sleep Paralysis

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Okay so I'm going to attempt to make a very very long story short -- about 5 years ago was my first "abduction" experience. I was in SP and I saw a light through my window. I was completely frozen and all of a sudden I was "pulled" by a force that felt magnetic, I couldn't fight or resist it and I had no intention to (I have been Aping since I was 15 so I am not afraid of beings or situations but rather I observe them without judgement to perceive the whole experience without interference) I was pulled by this magnetic force into the light-craft that was outside my window. Suddenly I was laying down inside of this craft and I saw these creatures, they were short and grey skinned and had big dark eyes with no mouthes. When they spoke it came as a robotic voice that seemed to surround me. "What do you want" I asked. They said they were going to do some tests on me. I asked "Am I going to remember this in the morning?" I heard "NO." then it went black.

Fast forward 2 years, I am freshly pregnant (within 2 months) with my daughter who is now 3.
Again, I was taken in my sleep during sleep paralysis. This time I was placed in a flying machine that looks like a missile, and it is very small there is not very much room inside. A dead girl is beside me propped up, her skin is pale and she has a carved mark on her neck that is bleeding. It seemed to be cut into her. I was yelling and I could see my house as I shot up into the sky super fast & uncontrollably. It went black, then I woke up hooked up to a big machine. My arms and legs were spread out and I was stuck in upward position. There were hundreds of these needle things going into my skin except they weren't going into my skin but rather, pulling my skin outwards. I heard a voice "DNA does not match" it was painful!!!! Then it went black again.

Fast Forward, I am 10 weeks pregnant with my third child and last night, I dreamt they were coming for me again. It's very, very difficult to consciously remember, but my partner claims he woke me up 3 times last night and I only remember him waking me up once when I told him "an alien is trying to take me away" we are spiritual beings so he chased it away with ceremonial medicine. This time I know for sure it didn't take me, I was in sleep paralysis and I was screaming and yelling mentally for those beings to leave me alone. I vaguely remember them standing at the doorway in one second then standing beside the bed and hearing something along the lines of "experiment". I think maybe they were trying to reason with me and persuade me to go with them? I remember being very, very, very afraid and very, very angry.

Does anybody have any idea why this has happened? Why they seem to be contacting me and wanting to study me? Particularly while pregnant! I have encountered many beings in my time as a Traveler but I can always 'feel' if they are positive or negative. From these creatures I cannot feel anything - there is no connection at all, as if they are soulless.

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The experience you describe is very common in the west. When you are in sleep paralysis and bizarre things start happening there is a good chance that you are already perceiving an altered reality. I experience the feeling of people walking around me, touching the bed near me or my pillow, I don't know what it is, but it is common. It invokes a feeling of fear and then what you see is quite literally a Boggart situation. Many people of the west see aliens, in Japan it is evil spirits etc.

I can only speculate to the extent that these experiences are "real". There is a high chance in my mind that they are fear induced trips initiated by a common sensory phenomena. Ultimately all that matters about the experience is how you feel about it. Ask yourself why you saw aliens, what are you afraid of?