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Blue Light Mystic

Hi all. i'd like to see if maybe we could start a little section here about those darn problems and concerns one who projects runs into while in the astral or even while projecting out of body. this section will be a place where we can freely discuss any kind of concern or question in regards to what may stump us or even things that may be trying to prevent us from having a smooth and sucessful projection.

i'll start this little section off by saying, all projectors are welcome here, all who are novice, intermediate and advanced. all questions on what may be troubling you while either trying to project or during your projections are welcome to freely discuss here. now, i'm not an absolute expert at answering questions, but i'll do my best in trying. i've been projecting for around 10+ years now and i'm still running into problems! so, i most likely could give a shot at answering novice questions......if you like. -smile-

now, here's something that i've been running into trouble wise for the past few years. i'm use to flying high into the sky during my projections, but for some reason, such as today while attempting to do so, i keep seeing giant black electrical powerlines appearing in the sky that saverely keep frightening me! i feel a great sense of fear coming from them, and feel that if i were to touch them they'd electricute me and would harm me very much! so, in order to avoid being hurt by them, i've just been staying close to the ground in the astral. this really has been frustrating me though because of not being able to fly as high off of the ground as i use to, i'm unable to really have the freedom to go to other places that i use to!

has anyone else on the forum who can project ever run into black electrical powerlines? did you fear them while flying? did you ever touch one? did it hurt you really bad?

later on, i'll post a technique that i've been using that one could use that may indeed help you to avoid having to touch them while you're trying to fly during your projections.........

Blue Light blessings
from Blue Mystic