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My first words should be this.

I remembered this.., I recalled it to me through OBEs. Through conscious shifts into additional consciousness states - additional consciousness space. So let's bring it forward as an immanent and inevitable place to begin :

  • Everything is already happening.—I am not trying to get experiences to happen - ( new levels of experience to happen ) - so much as they are already happening : every day and night.

Consciousness - all of the dimensional existence I now know is a simultaneity and always, in all ways in play... Every moment that has ever happened, in any of the realms, through all of what we call 'time'. Every dream ( every life ) I have ever entered——Everything I have ever imagined.. ever thought, ever felt : happening NOW.

The implication of this is extraordinary in what it may come to mean at the very practical level of our being. Our physical existence. It is something not many of us take a moment to rightly stop and glance at. What it means ( what it means to me ) is that I cannot in truth ever be held apart from any of it. It means I have access at all times in all ways to it all.

In direct alignment with this it means that in some way, in some manner of my being - I am. This is the very first point I came to be clear on. The second, what is perhaps more accurately not so much a second point as the second half of the first, the second half of the equation as a whole - in essence is an observation that : ( even so ) :

There is a portion of what is :

    1. happening inside my conscious awareness
    2. happening outside my conscious awareness, - and the whole of which is
    3. happening in direct alignment with itself

Meaning :

There is no shut off valve truly inherent to this structure. Nothing that is by its nature, inherently holding what is outside my conscious knowing - from entering. The whole of this is one, all at once, connected and connecting.


Our peoples have consensually gathered data relative to a structure of wave patterns fundamental to the wake/sleep cycle of human consciousness. Or in other words, states of consciousness available to us ( as Earth humans ) - as experiences.

These are : roughly - in cycles or hertz frequencies :

  • the infra-low waves, <.5 hz
  • the delta waves, .5 - 3 hz
  • the theta waves, 3 - 8 hz
  • the alpha waves, 8 - 12 hz
  • the beta waves, 12 - 38 hz
  • the gamma waves, 38 - 42 hz

This is and represents our total being.

All of what is available to us in the form of direct and indirect experience. All / any of which we may individually and also collectively agree to pattern in any perceivable way.

Beta Lockdown

For the contemporary human, the BETA waves are what predominate the more usual wake period of life. This portion of the life is equivalent to what we likewise call our 'conscious' state of mind. And also 'reality'. In this, the majority of the remainder of the waves are generally lessened in their relevance. Made to fall in some order of more-or-less real outside the structure of that which we are more immediately aware - into 'a subconscious' and 'collective unconscious'.

I have chosen these words carefully, "made to fall outside of" because this indeed is not a natural occurrence. In the sense, that is, of a seemingly real separating and blocking of any of the waves from any other at any time. This is a phenomena. It is an action and activity, that by oneself, in order to be experienced, must be engaged in, continually enforced and agreed to. I refer to the phenomena as we experience it : as beta lockdown.

As a species we know it well..,

The experience of the phenomena being perhaps most characterized by :

  • Fear, fatigue, frustration - and even all of this collectively as fun.

Until it isn't anymore.

Until the clock runs out and the well runs dry and the call to recall, to re-member and return to ourself is received. Through this phase of the process of the return is seen the consequence of all independent action.. In this, even though not at first seen is the mounting of a greater understanding - and thereby appreciation : of choice.

There are cycles through which this is all available as an individual occurrence as well as cycles through which the human collective, as a collective consciousness may choose to grow and move forward in its energy. We are now in such a cycle.

Breaking Free

In order to deactivate the lockdown,

The activity potentially engaged in that is itself resulting in such first must be seen. Although it is activity ( yes ) heavily supported by the control system of the beta-only frequency - know that it is we ourself who feed into and fuel the frequency. We have to begin to see where we are, or are acting in agreement / direct alignment with the lockdown.

In our thinking, in our energy, action and activity.., where - and to what degree we are separating into one hand the spiritual and the other hand the physical. It is, as you may see a very large matter to delve into but the idea is to just begin. To bring more awareness than usual ground level into a point within the schism and begin acting from the state of greater awareness.

We are not meant as individuals to individually resolve everything.

This is handled collectively, amongst us all or amongst a group of us all. We are meant only to begin.., To begin within ourself and to build momentum. The whole thing will morph and change and grow synergistically as a single organism.

Frequencies and Keys

Every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every action is keyed to a certain frequency.. A frequency which either is or is not aligned with connection, connectivity, wholeness. This may be felt with even the idea of combining with a thought or particular line of thought, with an emotion, feeling, action, person or thing. We are an intelligent system. Consciousness,—awareness - mind/energy/body.

Inherently we know the frequencies and frequency keys we are aligned with.

We know, for instance - if not as a person then as clear awareness - whether a certain medicine or food is in this moment beneficial to our system. Whether it will help, or hold us from an optimal and ideal state of health. Whether it will help, or hold us from functioning as a whole system to our full capacity. We know.

We know when we are engaging our clear awareness, and when we are engaging an addiction. We know ...To say we do not would strip our own self of our power. We know. Even when that knowing is held by us seemingly outside our knowing. We know we are hiding. At times in order to engage in a way uncomplimentary to ourself.

With this said, let's get down to business.

Practice and Practical Application

Whether talking about OBEs, our dream state or conscious daily life the practice is the same. And the practical application of the practice ( skill, technique or tool ) is what it is. Regardless of which field you are in or the specifics of the practice, bottom line is that we are talking about developing a habit of attention, a single pointed and steady flow of attention. It is the avenue through which all is going to return.

So whether our aim is directed at :

  • recalling our greater self into our ground level experience
  • recalling the truer history of the human animal
  • recalling experience in the wider reality

Step one is to be able to focus the attention.
Step two, to give or aim the attention.

Recalling Dreams

Recalling experience in the wider reality!....

Let's look at how I - and how you might begin making it back into physical space each morning with some of this data intact. ( if indeed you want to.

Let me say this first :

  • Even if you do want to you have to want to alot. This has to be a decided point of interest and focus. The focus has to be activated again and again, regularly, steadily. A luke warm, wishy-washy kind of focus will get you a luke warm wishy-washy result. An intense interest and focus of attention will bring all that you want and far more.

Practice everyday :

  • What you do alot you get good at.. When you pick up the ball and do not set it down the ball gets rolling. Momentum is built. It breaks into crescendos. You not only bring back data more steadily, but new data. The fundamental practice is developing a habit of awareness, a single pointed attention. To this end I practice : daily meditation, breath work, tratak.

Additional tools and techniques :

  • WBTB : Wake Back to Bed : This is a sleep pattern interruption technique whereby you wake yourself for a period of 20-60 minutes, engage in light activity such as going to the bathroom, sitting in meditation, possibly breath work and patterns, listening to music conducive to the alpha/theta/delta waves.., and then get back in the bed for a formal practice. Staying conscious while the body goes back into its state of sleep.

  • Binaural beats, drumming, breath work and or other forms of brainwave entrainment and the frequency following response : This is to induce specifically the theta/delta waves and of course the conscious shift into them.

  • Reporting : During the practice with an audio and/or video recorder - or following the practice by either the same means or by manually journaling ( writing ) the experience in as much detail as possible.

  • Crystals : Known to amplify, to clarify and clear - crystals are an effective tool to use in any form of focusing the awareness, attention and/or energy. For the purpose of dream recall I work with a clear quartz point and azurite cluster.

  • Mindfold, Earplugs
  • Circadian Rhythm : Sunset to Sunrise Sleep
  • Your Questions

As a closing word,

Remember to give yourself everything you need to meet the desired end. This among all else includes time.., do not be in a rush and enjoy your process of discovery. Do not make the mistake of not giving and putting in the time you require for recall.

I regularly give myself anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. There is a 90 minute magic point for me ( and for many ) at which if not earlier events are sure to begin. This gives me one whole additional cycle IN there where I am experiencing.

Making it back with the experience intact is well worth all I put in.

In every way, - more than well worth the ride.