Almost out! Am I doing the right thing?

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Ok, I'm going to have to type this very fast, as it just happened like 6 seconds ago, and I don't want to forget what happened.

Alrite, well, I got home early from school today, soo... i figured i might try astral projection during the day to see if it helps. Well, I went through all of the exercises, relaxing every part of my body, then I went deeper. This is around the part where I usually start seeing random vivid images, sometimes I see them as if they were right in front of me, or sometimes I see them more like they are thoughts in my mind, but very vivid, or sometimes it's a mix of both. These flashes only last for about a few seconds each, but they go very fast, and RANDOM.

Like today, I remember seeing a kid in the middlle of a huge room, with a backpack on... then all of a sudden I like flew into his head, and I was in front of a train station, ect. Well, I don't know how long this usually goes on for, because I'm not aware of the time.

but then after a while, today I had a very strange experience. I had a vision of one of those swinging benches, I don't know if you are familiar with them, people put them on their porches, and you sit, and kind of swing back and forth. Well, it felt like I was laying down on one of them, AND i could actually feel myself swinging back and forth! IT was the oddest feeling, because since i was laying down on my couch, it felt like my couch was swinging back and forth, like in real life, and it felt so real. I could feel my stomach turning, because everytime i was up, i would have a weird sensation in my stomach, like the drop on a roller coaster, except less.

Ok, so right after that, all of a sudden, I had an intense awareness of being relaxed. Like, it was really weird, I stopped swinging, and I just kind of was aware of how relaxed I was, it almost felt as if I was sinking, because I was so relaxed. I was just like...... wow, it was so comfortable. Then all of a sudden I wondered what it would look like if I was standing next to my body, and looking at it from that perspective.

This is were it gets fuzzy, when I tried to think about it, all of a sudden my body kind of tensed really hard for like one second. Then.... my eyes started going nuts, by this time, I wasn't aware of my hands anymore, and it felt like my whole body was numb. Then, it felt like these huge flashes of electricity started pulsing from almost like my chest, and outward to my legs and my arms and head. It was very intense, and the less I concentrated on them, it pulsed harder. I could feel it tingle down my thighs and into my toes, but very violently. My head starting to swell up, and it felt like i was under emense pressure. It was like electricity was shooting through my body, and I've heard about this happeneing before people project, so I kept letting it happen, and tried not to fight it.

I don't know if you guys are fimiliar with the band PHISH, but they have this one song called 'you enjoy myself', and almost in the middle of it, there is a climax of guitar, drums, piano, and bass, all going higher and higher, and then at the highest point, it just turns into a sweet bass riff, and drums, and it's like ' boy..............(bass), and it's really chilled, you gotta check it out on , ANYWAY, i was just using this as an example to describe the climatic feeling of all that energy pulse through my body. THis is the first time I actually felt the vibes, so i was very happen.

BUT THEN! the worst thing happened! MY CELL PHONE WENT OFF! and it was sooo loud, because it was on the table next to me! i quickly snapped out of the vibes, and when i awoke, it was almost like a shock to be looking at my body laying there, i don't know why it was, it just was. It took a few seconds to pull myself together, because I was a bit out of it, and then, i told the person who called that they just screwed up something very important...

and yeah, that's my story for today, but how close do you think I was? I might try a few times later today, and I'll see what happens,  but please respond by giving me tips, or ANY comments, alright, thanks for listening guys, hope to be traveling soon!
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Oh yes, I'd also like to add that before I had those feelings of energy, I concentrated on the ringing in my ear, and I heard a lot of weird noises, like doors being shut, and I can't remember some of them, I think one sounded like a car screeching, and an airplane taking off, or someone wiping a window, or something, I don't know. I noticed that once I start to not concentrate on anything, I feel like I am falling asleep, so yea, just adding that. PEACE
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Let me first say, PLEASE do not be offended that I edited your posts into paragraphs, it just makes for easier reading for most, some it doesn't matter, but I figured I'd go ahead.

Now..I love reading first time projections!  Not only does it encourage others but it makes me excited as well.:D

You did everything right and I bet if that phone didn't ring you would have had a bit more to chat about.  Can I ask when the phone rang, did you "feel" the shock of it in your body?  I have that happen alot and am working on it so it isn't so ummm...shocking..

You explained a classic projection and very well I might add.  Just keep it up Tony, you were there!

Looking forward to your next, and next and next..:D




IMO you were practically there - if only you'd turned off the phone.  When I want to practice, I make sure everything is turned off, I close all my doors, get really warm and then settle down.  There's nothing worse than being distracted.

Quote from: NayCan I ask when the phone rang, did you "feel" the shock of it in your body?  Nay

Oh boy, I know what you're talking about.  I find that it doesn't affect my external body, but my internal body is really disturbed.  Weird, isn't it?  

The best way I can describe it is when you come round after an operation and you suddenly realise all the staff are clapping and calling your name to wake you up, and you just go "whhhhhoooooooooooooossssshhhhh" from deep relaxation to full "awakeness".  

If you've ever seen the film (movie) Trainspotting and the scene where he regains consciousness in the hospital after taking an overdose, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Tony - weird noises are perfectly normal.  My doorbells rings a lot (?), things slam, I hear REALLY LOUD footsteps - all very normal signs!

Anyway, enough rambling.  You had a brilliant experience, and don't forget to write/type it up for your personal journal.    :D

We all find nonsenses to believe in; it's part of being alive.


YES!  I did indeed feel very shocked, it was like being almost like doused in cold water while your sleeping deeply. STUPID PHONE
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Congrats on your first expierence. I can not wait until I expierene something beyong a partial-obe.
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