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Hey all, new to the forum so figured I'd post to say hey and see if anyone can offer some advice. I've been trying to protect for awhile now and have gotten really close (lower body floating but head stuck) I seem to have issues doing it on command, the times I get close have all been seemingly random, I'll get that awful sound but no vibrationswhich have only happened once in about a year and a half, the last time it feltlike someone very literally grabbed my ankles and threw me to the ceiling and I heard them say "you need to come with me" which was a little unsettling but I was just hoping it was my guide or something as I didn't havethat evil presence feeling, anyway I thought "is there anyway to speed this up"? Next thing I know I drop from the ceiling and was sort of below my physical body before I gave up  cause I couldn't pull myself up. So 1) do y'all think that was a guide trying to help me out and 2) what do y'all find the easiest way to get to the preprojection state on command is, I've tried spacing out just enough but can only get the sound maybe 30% of the time. Hopefully once I get off methadone it'll be a little easier since my body/psyche will be cleaner so to speak. Thanks guys and gals


If you hear voices, and I mean, clear phrases and you know for sure that it doesn't come from you, then you are extremely close.
At that stage, I just started to let go instead of trying to project, I just went even deeper into calm mind and I easily achieve projection like that.
Methadone shouldn't be a problem for projecting as long as you can keep your mind calm you shouldn't have problems.
Often we want to speed things up a little bit but the only way to do it is just staying focused, conscious and with a clear mind.
Often the vibrations and methods are automatically replaced with phasing, because with phasing you just have to imagine the astral realm when you see it, you will feel as if you're drifting right and left very very quickly, as if you would teleport to the astral realm.
And you'll be there.
As long as you are in a deep state meditation, methadone shouldn't be a problem because once you hit the sleep paralysis you won't feel your body anymore.

Good Luck!
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Ignore the vibes, you dont need 'em.
I've had around 3 nights of vibes naturally occuring in 50 years of projecting.
Listen to Kzaal, get as far as you can and relax. The process can't be forced so let it just happen by itself. Desire and intent are powerful tools, you've got this far so keep going without expectations.
That'll probably do the job for you.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


When you hear the voices be they shadow or other spirits focus in on them try to see the source through the darkness I would describe it as going deeper into your heart but it's really individual in any case your going deeper.  I found my hearing works hugely better than my sight. The sight is coming but slow.


Thanks everyone I'll try just relaxing more next time instead of getting antsy haha