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Hi. A while back when I was trying to learn to project, my relaxation was not sufficient and I would start to hyperventilate. It was uncomfortable and it distracts from the attempt. Continuing to work on the relaxation and learning to concentrate with less effort solved the problem. If you want to learn a breathing rhythm, that might help.


I have asthma and at times(if I am attempting to AP while lying down) I feel like I am dying.  Try doing it sitting upright in a chair without a headrest and continue as you normally would from there.  Robert suggested this to me for a different problem I was having but I found it helps ease the anxiety of APing.  He was right about it being more difficult but I find it worth it.  

Also, try to focus on your breathing by using a mantra.  I use the phrase(smaller than the first one I started out with) "Ah Ham".  It is pronounced "Ah Hum".  Inhale with the "Ah" and exhale on the "Ham" or rather the "Hum".  I believe it is Buddhist in origin.

I hope that helps.    

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Hi!  You're not alone!  Each time I make an attempt, I feel a pressure build in my lungs and throat area.  It has been easing progressively with practice, but it is rather distracting.  I remember reading that this 'tightness' can be a sign that the throat chakra is opening - since I'm not used to the sensation it leaves me feeling uncomfortable.  The good news is, as I said, it is easing over time.

- Michael.


Every time I'm about to separate from my body, I become anxious about my breathing. I have asthma and that may be a factor.
Does anyone else here suffer with similar anxieties?