Chakras and OBEs

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I don't really understand what Chakras are yet. Do I need to do some type of chakra excersises that will help me with having an OBE. What do chakras have to do with inducing an OBE? I did a chakra test and got these results online:

Root: under-active (6%)
Sacral: open (13%)
Navel: open (13%)
Heart: open (31%)
Throat: under-active (6%)
Third Eye: open (44%)
Crown: open (44%)

Should I do excersises and what is the "third eye" and can it help with inducing an OBE?


Go read the NEW Energy found on astraldynamics.

It helps explain what the chakras are, what each one does, and how to build them up.  It also gives you a "starter kit" to developing energy.  Read through the first few chapters before you begin. Its all online for you and not that long.  You can do a different excersise every day.

It reccomends starting small.  So read it and follow.  You will notice certain things after a few days of working.  The tingling sensations through your body and some twitching and itching is said to be energy flow.