"Chosen one" syndrome

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I think you are right on. I have encountered that A LOT in new age/spiritual forums. Actually I don't believe most of them are actually being tricked by any being or anything either. I think it's that they have severe self confidence and esteem problems and so create some bizarre scenario where they can have above normal importance to the destiny of the universe. Certain truths are only revealed to them, because no one else is "ready", that kind of thing. Again, I'm not necessarily saying that I've encountered that here, but you do run across a lot of people with messiah complexes in these types of places.


I am always wary when one comes forward, whether it be a group or an individual, claiming to be chosen.  The best way to find out what is going on is to look at the "fruits" this individual or group has to show for their claims.  Are they doing great good, helping and serving others, etc.?  Or instead stockpiling money and weapons- preapring to drink poison if the spaceship doesn't come?  

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The really annoying thing with people is that everyone wants to be 'old, powerful, experienced', tra la la.  A lot of times they can easily fool themselves into thinking these things and with a bloated ego...they frequently get themselves in uncomfortable situations with the "real deal".  A lot of the times I find that people who think they are important really aren't as much as they'd like to think so, and those with true authority rarely admit it.  Go figure.  Maybe they finally understand the immense responsiblity that comes with it eh...who knows!?



Qui-Gon Jinn

Oh do I have encountered alot of people claiming this and that...  of course people COULD experience the most "out-of-the-box-non-of-this-world-barely-even-in-anyones-imagination-type-of-thing" (many people do), but it often shines through when those type of "experiences" are products of his/her creative fantasy..  I can often tell who they are cause of their BIG EGO type of aura surrounding them....
 ... they are telling you they are, if not using the exact word perhaps, "a chosen one" or this and that important...  hey we all are important and chosen ones, or else we wouldn´t be here breathing the free earth of Gaia...   and we are equal in the force (as I call it in lack of a better word)...  sure, perhaps some of us are more "evolved" and may have a particular "important mission" which involves the wellbeing of many others, but those "some of us" wouldn´t go around talking about it 24 7, that I´m sure of.
 Those people would focus on action, not all big talk. I have found it is most often the quietly people sitting on the most information, which of course isn´t good either.

   I´m not saying that people having extraordinary experiences should be silent, on the contrary!!   Sharing wisdom and experiences is sharing yourself for the benefit of others.
 I´m just saying no one will gain anything from people with, what Atlas called, Messiah complexes, running around telling you the date planet earth will go under and those sorta things...  how could anyone, the future is always in motion, so I believe any way (some would claim the future has already happened, and that there is only one future but..)

 But of course, if anyone sat on the date when earth is going under, email me, I would wanna find out ;)

 Anyway, because of all people want to be important in some way or another, they easily take to them what is said to them. If someone told them they are a chosen one or anything like that, chances are they accept it right of...    "a chosen one" is nothing any being can really tell you, it is what you choose for yourself..  no one can "choose" for you...

   ..some pre-beakfast thoughts from Qui-Gon just waking up ;)  be well my friends!

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Hi all & g,day Dashour,good subject & sounds like you have read a
book called the "The Stargate Conspiracy" or one like it.
It is fairly critical of all things New Age or anything that smells
of manipulation.They delve deep into groups that emerged in the 50,s
& one man in particular Dr Andrija Puharich, who was Uri Gellars
mentor & a man with a talent to manipulate the masses.
With involvement in channelling with all sorts of people like
Uri Gellar,Aleister Crowley,Phyllis Schlemmer,James Hurtak,Eileen
Garrett,Peter Hurkos,Dr D.G Vinod,Edgar Cayce & SRI to name a few.
Channelling information from suppossed gods called "The Nine" &
dictating what we all should be doing,Puharich was a master manipulator & in later interviews Uri Gellar & Aleiter Crowley
said they were not sure if wasnt just their overactive imagination.
In times like this someone "could" have some mega psychic abilities,
but in all likelihood they will be swarmed by parasites who just
want to make money off them & manipulate others to further their
own agenda,s.

Your Journeys,all the best



I think forums like these help deflate ego's. If someone has a little
precognitive moment or gets a message from a non-earth based thing they might start to think they're the chosen one. Then they come here and find that's kind of tame compared to some of the stuff talked about here. They might realize that while they're probably special in some sense they're one of many, not just THE ONE. taa!


travrai blue robes

you have an interesting point. people who are into aliens or channeling certain entities, talking about secret spirit organizations, this undoubtedly sounds whacko to us all. and getting into this to gratify seems an obvious human instinct.

on the other hand, we are all choosen, so we musn't look down on the idea. well, those that go around pontificating cults and religions, that make spirituality into words and stories instead of doing anything - we can look down on them, because what they are doing is ridiculous. we are all choosen, but none of us is an ambassador, figurehead, king, or emporer in being choosen, we're simply supposed to do work. it's what will really make us happy anyway.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Blue robe, you really think people who are "into" alien lifeforms sounds whacko to all of us?? Then I am a whackie to all of you guys I reckon´ ;)
 Not that this directly relates to OBE´s but...

   Take care// Qui-Gon

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travrai blue robes

yeah, but don't worry about it. :) anything people haven't accepted in mass form sounds whacko. just follow the truth wherever it goes

Qui-Gon Jinn

Right on mate, I´ll continue shooting down ETV´s from my roof and have my imaginary doggie go retrieve ´em..  (shite, did I say that out loud?!!? here comes the man in black...)   lmao, I´m perfectly sane as you can tell...  One extraterrestrial, two extraterrestrials, three terrestrials *yawn*, four terrestri...   five terr..  six ex..  sev..... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..  

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Well I believe in aliens I,ve got to say,but I was whacko before that!
Well seriously,you would have to admit there is other intelligent
life out there,whether its physical/non-physical ,3 dimentional or
multidimentional beings.As for them influencing us,communicating
with us or channelling through us is a concept widely debated.

A friend posted me a great little saying recently.

"As scarce as truth is,the supply has always been in excess
of the demand"  Josh Billings.

best journeys



Time and time again, over the last 20-25 years, I have come across people who were absolutely convinced of their important cosmic destiny based upon something some non-earthly being told them. This contact most often occured during an OBE.

Often, but not always, it is a group of "aliens" that told them they were one of a group of "chosen one's" who had incarnated on earth this time to help introduce humanity to the rest of the galactic neighborhood. Only problem is that the promised landing, contact, enlightenment, event, etc. never comes as it was supposed to. It sometimes takes years before the victim figures it all out, and realizes that they were chosen for a joke, rather than some important cosmic destiny. The general message is "hey, guess what! you are really a lot more spiritually important and advanced than you thought you were! You're one of the chosen one's!"

Time and time again have I seen, over time, how these people will slowly start to have other experiences that suggest that in fact, they did had some sort of joke played on them. As if they were victims of prankster astral inhabitants.

In no way am I suggesting that OBE contacts always result in nothing more than becoming tricked and fooled, but this is an issue I have not seen addressed in many places, and it is indeed real. One reason may be that many people in the New Age and other movements and groups are still young, and have not seen enough evidence for this yet. Anybody remember the "One World Family" headed by Michael somebody or other? This was my first experience of this, I knew many of them personally.
I am quite sure that if you met one of them today they would confirm what I am saying. It is not limited to groups however, and I am not talking about a cult phenomenon, but something that in fact most often happenes to individuals, who remain silent about it.

No question about it, there realy are very beautiful and advanced souls here, and sure, you may be one of them, and you may have met some bretheren on the other side who confirmed your loftly spiritual status. There is no question however, that some peoples desire to be considered important (via the ego that we all have, and that I myself undoubtedly succumed to in even writing this post) is being taken advantage of by astral pranksters.

Certainly one can have an important psychic contact via OBE that benefits one immensely, but in the cases where persons were seemingly fooled they all said "no! I can tell the difference! I would intuitively know if this was a lie!" As a possible example I suggest to you "Heavens Gate" the group that all commmited suicide because of their "chosen one" instructions. There have been many many more examples.

Any comments?