Cloud 'Busting'

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before i start please move this to the relevant section..... cheers   :-)

It looks like it's going to rain

this is a story i found

i tried it twice yesterday and it worked, than i tried to make a cloud into a shape of a love heart, i got interupted half way but i swear it was taking shape.  :lol:

"A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed. It feels an impulsion this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons. "Illusions, by Richard Bach.
Policing the Sky (Bob's First Bust)

As Tony drove to work he noticed a bank of storm clouds coming in from the west. He paused, wondering if he should turn around for his rain gear. He quickly dismissed the thought and continued to work.

An hour later Tony was sitting in his valet shack having a discussion with Bob. Bob is the only security officer he felt comfortable enough sharing all his views with. Their discussions ranged from the mundane to the metaphysical.

Their conversation turned to the weather and Bob said, 'It looks like it's going to rain.'

Tony shot back without thinking. 'Don't worry, I'll just shoot an anti rain arrow into the clouds.'

The nonchalance of his statement peaked Bob's interest. 'You'll do what?? He replied.

Tony explained to Bob his thoughts on everyone's ability to dissipate clouds as they please. Bob looked incredulously at him.

As they stepped out of the shack Tony began relaying a story of his friend, Joe, back in Ohio. Joe was a certified alcoholic, with a coke and pot habit to boot. It had been over two months since Tony had seen him. He stopped in one day to find that Joe had done a complete turn-around. He was very excited to see Tony and tell him of all the changes he had been through. He told Tony he was clean, sober and spending a lot of time busting up clouds.

Tony was very happy for him but left feeling a bit confounded about what Joe had meant. Four years later and 'Illusions' under his belt, Tony understood.

Tony then relayed to Bob events that occurred after clarity had replaced confusion on the subject.

He had been busting up clouds, with regularity, at work. Tony's co-worker, Mike kept saying that it was a coincidence. He maintained the clouds Tony concentrated on just happened to dissipate at the same time.

Tony went home one evening questioning his self. On his way he saw a huge bank of clouds along the northern horizon. He concentrated on dissolving them from east to west. Within ten minutes the clouds were gone and in the manner he commanded them to. There would be no more doubting himself.

After describing for Bob, how he had taken this simple technique and evolved it into visualizing arrows with much more power, Bob suggested they try to bust one up together.

Tony described how he visualizes the blue all around a cloud devouring it until there is only blue left. Bob picked a small one out. Within two to three minutes the cloud was completely gone. Bob was quite excited, hiding it well under his fa├žade of self-control. His eyes could not lie though.

Tony picked out a much bigger cloud that was just above and to the left of the one they had just erased from the sky. They both began concentrating. Tony described how he would start feeling a pulling sensation on his third eye. As they dissipated the larger cloud, Bob starts explaining how he could see a darker blue around the cloud consuming it. Tony was shocked as that is exactly what he saw.

A customer came strolling along and Bob commented on how he probably would think they were crazy. The customer couldn't help asking what they were doing. Tony joked that they were waiting for the moon to explode. Their concentration was pulled away so they just resumed their conversation. He told Bob the cloud was now set in the cycle of dissipation and would finish on it's own. Less than five minutes later Bob pointed out that the cloud was indeed gone.

Bob returned to his rounds inside the casino.

Tony felt the chill in the air and saw the blanket of storm clouds that threatened to turn his dry day wet. He visualized pulling a powerful anti-rain arrow out of his imaginary quiver. He steadied the arrow in his bow and aimed toward the center of the system on the western horizon. Tony released, turned and went back into his shack internally registering the shock from the power unleashed by the arrow.

Tony resumed the html work on his laptop, paying no heed to the condition of the clouds above him outside.

The next hour went by uninterrupted by any customers. Bob came back outside for his rounds. Tony stepped out of the shack and looked up at the sky. He almost fell over. All the dark clouds that an hour ago covered the sky were completely gone. No sign of them anywhere. On the west side of town the storm clouds coming in looked to have been sheared off and advanced no further.

Bob and Tony could see snow falling on the mountains surrounding the valley to the north. The anti-rain arrow had done its job and they remained dry.

Tony silently thanked Spirit for allowing him to have a creative role in the universe. Bob wanted to bust another cloud.

" Be Brave, Live Brave, Play Brave!"


Pretty cool, that story was pretty interesting.  I've looked at clouds pretty intently before and saw them dissipate, whats to say it isn't just a coincidence that they do that on their own


i agree, we are after all sons and daughters of the Creator......

i hope to be able to make huge clouds disappear, that wouldnt be a conincedence then i believe " hey mate you see that cloud that takes up 1'4 of the sky, ill make it disappear" lol and making a love heart in the sky for a woman would be cool  :-D
" Be Brave, Live Brave, Play Brave!"


Was wondering, is their a specific way to do this? Or is it just "think extremely hard that you want that cloud to go away, and it will".


the bow method works for me

i hold my hands up looking at the cloud and imagine a quiver and a bow, i then send arrows at the cloud while out loud saying disappear or disapiate

works for me

i dont concentrate hard, just let it happen
" Be Brave, Live Brave, Play Brave!"


Funny this technique works for me when I'm tired but not when I'm alert.  I guess I get out of my own way and let it happen.


I've done this, and amazed a guy at work with it too. I've also shown it to my fiance who was and still is a little skeptical.

I just look at the target cloud with a positive/neutral feeling, feel a 'link' stretching between the cloud and my brow and imagine a hot energy dissapating the cloud.

That works for me.

Also, I get a strange swimming effect in my eyes as I'm about a minute into this.

I woke the same as any other day except a voice was in my head...


I like these stories. When I was very small I was convinced that I could make it rain and make it stop. Used to spend hours on end at the window saying magic words and performing hand movements to bring in the clouds. There were many successful attempts, which reinforced my belief that I really had supernatural powers  :-)

The only problem was that I couldn't make the rain stop, not for too long.

Haven't done that in a loooong time, probably don't have the hang of it anymore, it would make me feel silly :|
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yes its good fun, making it rain at will would be good here lol ..... draughts...

" Be Brave, Live Brave, Play Brave!"


This IS great fun. Split 3 clouds today.  :-D


its not bad is it, cloud busting mmmmm.......

love heart clouds for woman.......
" Be Brave, Live Brave, Play Brave!"