Difference between Phasing/VibrationsObe?

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Ive noticed a difference between having vibrations and peeling yourself away from the physical body and phasing as in stepping into hypnagogic imagery where the scene is already in progress. When i peel away from the body during vibrations the environment is very similar to the physicals environment with minor differences. Are these the same focus levels as in Kepples focus 2?  Thank you.


My conscious exits of the "peel away" nature have commonly put me into the "real time zone (RTZ)", a similar physical environment. I don't think it is the same thing as what Kepple described as Focus 2. For me the Focus 2 experience is more like a lucid dream, or what a RTZ experience can become if it is taken over by subjective experiences.

I think the true nature is that Focus 2 is not a discrete state from the others. It is something that is always overlayed on your incoming data set. If you are very clear mentally you might experience the pure RTZ or some other zone. Similarly those experiences can be partially or fully distorted by what the interpretation you add. Focus 2 in essence is when you have left behind the external data streams and are self generating all the experience content.

The concept of Focus 2, this wild interpretation on reality, I think it is part of our waking consciousness right now too. It is the part people refer to when they say make your own reality, or your reality is what you put out and interpret. It is just highly exaggerated outside of the 3d reality.