"eyes open or closed"

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I'm pretty sure it can be done either way, but I think its probably easier with your eyes closed. I use the same method, I've never actually tried it with my eyes open.



I don't think that your question is dumb in the least. It's through practicing different methods that we find out what specifically works for us. Personally, keeping my eyes open would never work for me because no matter how relaxed I became, I would still be aware that I was directly looking at what was in front of me. Plus the fact if you want the body/asleep mind/awake state then your eyes would need to be closed, as that is the natural position for them to be in.

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I have a basic (dumb) question:
I've been focusing on my brow chakkra and it raises my vibration and energy almost immediately but (here it goes) "are my eyes supposed to be open or closed" as I look up to focus my attention on my brow chakkra?