fasting and astral projection?

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Anyone had any experiences when doing this? any progress when fasting? some people say it helps a lot for some reason but I am not sure why.


I'd imagine it would help for the same reasons that not eating sugar would help. Here's an explanation


Quote from: Tongo on August 02, 2018, 17:57:18
Anyone had any experiences when doing this? any progress when fasting? some people say it helps a lot for some reason but I am not sure why.
I've never found any conclusive evidence regarding fasting and astral projection.


Just got to try it and see what works for you. When I have had a stomach bug in the past and not eaten for a few days I have noticed my visual perceptions were enhanced when I closed my eyes. I remember on the commute to work once I was watching a battle play out. Very un expected.  Although it's debatable was this this the lack of food or the stomach bug itself?

For me a no sugar diet has little to no effect as does being vegetarian. .

The general rule with anythino AP related seemp to be follow the generally suggested guidelines but tweak to make it work for your own body and consciousness.


I think the only time fasting truly helps is when you go beyond just a simple fast and start heading into starvation. At the point the body begins to shut down physical activity reserving energy for the bare necessities and this leaves the mind free to roam. I am NOT suggesting anyone starve themselves.

I say this because general fasting has no effect for me. However I have been sick enough my body began shutting down. AP at this point is a given. Don't try it. If you're that sick get medical attention.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


fasting in itself will not cause a person to astral project. However, fasting will raise your vibration and contrary to what you may think your body will have more energy and you will be less prone to fall deeply asleep. Although food provides the body with energy the body uses energy to digest and process the food. If a person fasts that energy is available. Food weighs the body down. In the absence of the food the body is lighter or not weighed down by food and will vibrate at a higher rate.

Vibrating at a higher rate and having more energy together do not cause an astral projection, but they improve the likelihood of one being successful. A person still has to be able to exit their body.

If a person is very sick they are less likey to be eating much thereby making astral projection easier. Many of Muldoon's astral travels were when he was sick.

I am not advocating fasting for days. I would suggest eating a decent dinner one night and then only drinking water or water mixed with some juice the next day then trying to astral project that night. At the very least you probably will nopt fall into a deep sleep such that you do not remember anything.

Experiment with it. Good luck