Feeling strong vibrations in the middle of the night, im i close to have an OBE

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So,a few months ago i've had like this strong vibrations in the middle of the night or just when im beginning to sleep, at first they scared me because in some ways they feel like fear like a deep fear but yet they aren't fear they go quickly if i dont focus on them, so i'd have them a lot of times and after a while of having them i started to associate them with astral travel (OBE'S) so every time i felt them try to stand up and walk or float or something like that.

Well, here are my experiences:

One night i started to feel them so i quickly focus on them and then try to stand up, but when i try to do it i felt incredibly heavy and moving was very difficult, so i managed to stand up and then try to see my bed(to check if i could see me sleeping)i think i saw me laying in my bed altough i don't renember well, because when i see me i quickly fell over my bed (cause of my "weight") and the next second i awake like if a just wake up from a dream in wich i fell or something.

The next time i started to feel the "vibrations" (its something quite indescribable) and quickly try to lift myself up) and i saw my face sleeping) then i float/walk to a window next to my room and fly through it and just when i crossed the window everything became a dream and i was flying in a dragon like a videogame xD, anyways i recognize i was i a lucid dream and began to fly and doing stuff, and just a seconds later i wake up in the same ways as the past time (kinda rude).

So like a month later i felt them (the vibrations) and try to stand up as always, but i failed miserably, and all i could do was try to move to the edge of my bed (like a snake) and as i get to the edge i felt like dragged and i get the thinking that i was going to a nasty place ("hell" altough i dont believe in it) i was going through the floor and i wanted to get to my body or awake or something and bam! i wake up as rude as always then i relax and slept till the next day

another time i get them at dawning just before sunrise i started to focus on them and visualize me floating and i get the feeling of getting out of my body and see my face just before my (eyes?) and then hear a sound like somebody chanting mantras in my room and freaked out and i came back in my body.

The last time i got them i was slept in the afternoon and wake up and felt the vibrations but this time, as it was in the afternoon so this time i could see my room (the past times felt i have my eyes closed) and in the momment i get the vibrations (i felt them the same but this time i tought of it like a super strong body loaded ("high"? altough it was not a "high" they still kind of unconfortable)so i opened my eyes to stop feeling them and rolled over my back the i see my wall (which is made from wood) and the colors get super bright and then it started to warp) then i stop feeling them and "wake up" but this time i was like awake the whole experience.

So i don't know what they are (the "vibrations") has anyone has felt something similar?

was i close to an OBE if anyone knows i would like to read your answer

Thank you for reading!


All the answers are in the stickies (dark blue background from the selection on the home page).
Have a read.
You'll see lot's of different perspectives all pointing at your experience.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 As Szaxx pointed out, let the Stickies be your friend for now!  :-)

A great one to start with is this one. It will at least explain what is happening and why. From there you can read other Stickies that contain how to techniques.