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(times of the following A.P are wrong since the delay of the account activation).

Hello to everyone,

I'm literally writing this at 5am and i have work at 9am. I couldn't find sleep after what happened and i'm here seeking the knowledge, time and kindness of anyone who reads this post. I just want you to tell me what you think, i don't mind if it's a "no you were just dreaming" as i'll continue practicing anyway. It got me hooked and i found myself smiling while thinking about it and writing this post.

To briefly sum what happened before tonight : I started reading about and practicing AP exactly 2 weeks ago. The third day of practice (first time with Theta binaural beats), after relaxing for about 1h30m, i was conscious that i was walking on the thin line between sleep and awakeness. I felt vibrations traversing my body horizontally from right to left, the amplitude and the frequency were gradually accelerating then they slowed. I was able to predict how they will behave as they were consistent. It was a pleasant sensation. After that, my hearing became numb and i started to hear a loud pitch noise which was going louder and louder, and i felt myself going upwards accelerating at high speed and i saw some sort of tunnel. I mean it's what i 'remember', as it was the first time i voluntarily went into the boundary between consciousness and unconsciousness.

I suddenly woke up, little bit shaken, i decided to stop and moved my body which was really numb. I removed the headphones and went to sleep. I tried since then almost every night but never was able to reach the same state.

By the way, i smoke weed regularly and i tend to not remember my dreams if i'm stone.

Tonight i decided to practice again but without smoking anything past 7pm. I drank a glass of hot coffee at 10:30pm and went to bed at exactly 12:30am. I started like usual, binaural beats, relaxing, this time i focused only in my breathing without any environment visualization. After the same amount of time as the last experience, i sensed that my hearing was going numb. I then had some tinglings on my feet, but the vibrations were very different this time. They were coming from my feet towards my head, covering about 70% of my body at once and they were much more violent but with much more less amplitude. It was like if i was electrocuted: TAC TAC TAC TAC rapidly in my whole body. It didn't scare me at all, i was even 'dancing' with them and kind of absorbing them. I was trying to imaging myself climbing a rope but the problem is that as soon as i felt those symptoms, instead of keeping a very dim flame in my mind, i regained almost full concentration and lost them. After 3 tries, i decided to stop practicing for tonight, put my headphones away and went to sleep.

Maybe it's nothing worth mentioning, but i stopped the practice at exactly the same amount of time as the previous pseudo experience. I programmed the binaural app to play for 4 hours, and i read exactly 2h03m remaining in both the experiences.

The time was 02:38am.

I honestly don't remember falling or not falling asleep at all. All i remember is that suddenly out of nowhere i found myself floating and going slowly upwards just above the exact spot my head was on the pillow. I didn't understand at all what was happening at the very beginning. I was kinda only seeing the geometry of my room and furniture (TV, Desk etc). It was hard to see anything. Everything had no textures (like void black) but i was seeing dim lines of blue 'silverish' light running all over the edges of the walls, the desk, the furniture. After 1 second of floating and about halfway the height of my room, i got overexcited and was shouting in my mind "IT IS HAPPENING ! IT IS HAPPENING!", and after another second as i approached the ceiling, i wanted to open my eyes to see better and i literally felt my physical eyelids opening. All of this lasted 2 or 3 seconds before i woke up. It was 03:18am.

Also i had the sensation that i had sleep paralysis on awakening and was scared but there was no malevolent presence whatsoever. But i don't have the certitude if it was on the awakening of before. The timeline of that sp is really blurry.

I'm 35 years old and never dreamt of an OBE or felt that kind of thing. Could it be just a coincidental dream because i thought about it a lot of the time ? I felt it was very real, more than a dream, but i did nothing voluntarily to trigger it. I just went to sleep after a presumably failed attempt.

I thank you for reading all those messy words (as english is my third language), and i just want to have your opinions and takes about what happened tonight, based on your experience.


Welcome to the Pulse, Watts!

These two experiences sound like legitimate first Out of Body or Non-Physical events. For most people, they are a little chaotic, disorienting and a bit confused. There is a lot of new sensory data to comprehend. It normally takes several experiences like this for you to get your bearings and begin to more fully understand this new environment.

From my perspective, you did several key things that helped you succeed: First, you had the right attitude and you didn't let fear take over at any time; Second, you utilized binaural beats to help get you to a relaxed state that you later recognized during your sleep; Third, and most important, all your preparation led to creating the proper INTENT which is an indispensable requirement for our Non-Physical explorations. Your intent doesn't always produce immediate results, as you found out, but it shows up later when the experience unfolds, almost by itself. The truth is that it did not happen all by actually set the proper conditions with all your prior work, for the experience to manifest.

We all experience many different 'exit symptoms' early on so it's impossible to know what you will personally experience: fear, excitement, confusion, doubt, energy sensations of multiple types, etc. Maybe the best advice at this point is to be the 'detached, unemotional, passive observer' as your next experiences unfold. You have to keep your emotions under strict control at this point, as you learn various ways of moving into the NP.

Hope that gives some further thoughts.
Well done!
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Hi Watts, welcome to the Pulse.

I completely agree with what EscapeVelocity stated above. Time in NP is often quite different than here in the physical. Any intent you have may manifest immediately but is just as likely to manifest hours or days later. Also know that your experiences can vary greatly but in time you will become familiar with a variety of different energy patterns.

Well done!


 Greetings Watts!  :-)

I am still oh too familiar with the vibrational and Astral winds state of OBEs. It's funny though, rarely do I ever get a actual "exit symptom" while Phasing. Phasing is a shift in consciousness while you are fully aware, from here to "there", without the "bells and whistles". This occurs during the act of "noticing".

About twice every two weeks I awaken at the onset of SP. It all starts the same way. I have slowed the process down so I could understand and be aware of every little occurrence during it. It begins with becoming "ultra" aware that something is about to occur. In the past I would always become aware deep in the a SP state with the vibrations already in full bloom. Nowadays, I become aware of the first hint that something is occurring. So, as I said, it begins with a high state of awareness. Then a slight vibrations, like a very soft electric shock will be felt. This shock is felt throughout my physical vessel. Next a energy pulse begins, starting at my head and working it's way down my body. This energy is not strong though. It is very mild at first, but that soon changes. The next thing is a sound. this sound sounds like some kind of higher pitch "whirring". As the sound gets louder the vibrations/pulse gets stronger. Then the two of them become a consonant, as of becoming in harmony with each other. Once they merge, there is complete quiet. No more vibrations, no sound at all. Just silence. Then I will feel my legs elevating and soon I am out. In the past, I would feel my legs being raised, then I was dragged down my hallway and out my patio window. That still occurs occasionally. But most of the time now, I just feel the "exit", as in my legs being raised, then I find myself out of my body. Very rarely do I see my immediate surroundings, as in  my bedroom, etc. Nowadays, I just find myself somewhere else.

When you exit your body, you are not in your physical dimensional space anymore. You are in replica. But if you look around and become aware you will find fluctuations, things that are missing or added to what you know as your physical surroundings. This is why you saw a "dimensional outline" of your immediate surrounds, but what you saw kind of either appeared as a ghostly, fading in out image.

Once thing I read and immediately reacted to in your post was how you said when you had this occur, your thoughts went to "It is happening, it is happening". That my friend is a serious "no no". Still today I get caught by that. That is a deal breaker. You must learn to stay passively aware for now. Allow your curiosity to drive your experience.

You have had your initial "sneak peek". What you do now is up to you.

I am a huge proponent of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. I have a strange sleep schedule. At least strange to most I know. I begin working on my Crystal Amplifier art each night at about 11:00. I will put on my headphones and listen to the "I heart Radio", while working on my design, until about 3am. I then go to youtube or my favorites and put on a Bin beat/Iso tone video for an hour. I call that my "wind down" time. I find myself in a LD almost nightly now. I attribute allot of that due to already being in a good "Delta" state before my head even hits my pillow. I find Bin beats/Iso tones to be a fantastic "brain entrainment" technique. They train you how to become aware of what the different brain waves actually feel like. They also teach you to "hold" your focus in those states for a good amount of time.

I remember when I first got into this practice, it would take me an hour and half, to an hour and about 45 minutes to actual even begin the onset of any exit symptom. Nowadays, through daily practice, it's not near that long anymore, "THANKFULLY", lol.

You are doing great. Keep doing what you are now. I always say, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". All you need to do now is learn how to "allow" and passively observe. There will be plenty of time to question what's what,, afterwards. Create your "intent" and be off.

Lastly another good aide to use is "nightly affirmations". Just a simple "I am conscious in my Dreams, knowing I am Dreaming", becomes a great way of programming yourself to continue down this path.

Good luck and Safe Travels!  :-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


Congrats Watts!

It is always such a treat to read these real messy first release expressions of raw excitement!

If you felt that is was more than a dream then yeah, it was real! You had your first lucid taste of the multidimensional baby! Keeping your emotions in check is a tall order at this point, so just go with it!

Paradoxically it often starts happening when you AREN'T trying so hard for it to happen any more, as you have probably read.

Enjoy the experiences! Thank you for sharing!


To increase the frequency of your vibrations I suggest you do this every time you go to bed but especially upon each awakening from sleep. The key is "hovering" at the sleep/wake line. Again, especially upon waking from sleep through out the night. You can do this every night without binaural beats. Use beats when you have the time but practice every night even without beats. Good luck!