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There are probably as many techniques as there are people.
I usually just move my awareness to the area but any one of the methods you described works.

The sensation of pressure you described is indeed the result of the brow chakra being active. The stronger the sensation the more activity there is-at least that's my take on the matter.

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Hello Patrik, welcome to the forum...

I'm not sure I agree entirely with Jilola's comment that the sensation is definitely a result of the brow chakra being active....Whilst this pressure is symptomatic of chakra activity, a very similar type of "pressure" can be induced using Robert Bruce's body awareness techniques, at any point on your body, not just the chakra areas.

As Jilola says, there are probably thousands of ways of going about the visualization. An interesting technique that is related to :
gently "rolling" their eyes upwards.
...is to practise moving your body awareness around the area of your brain. I personally haven't had any amazing results with this technique but I've read posts from fellow AP members who have had success. Its quite straightforward, so give it a go !

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I'm not sure I agree entirely with Jilola's comment that the sensation is definitely a result of the brow chakra being active.

Well, I don't either to be completely honest, but I was speaking from my personal experience. Similar sensations can be induced anywhere but in my case the pressure sensation correlates with chakra localtions, especially the crown and brow.

Patrik: Read about Awareness Hand in Roberts Astral Dynamics.

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Thanks both, I never really believed in chakras to be honest, to me chakras is simply areas containing major blood flow. I have a faint (when looking closely in a mirror) pulsating round "spot" in the middle of the forehed suggesting I am right being an area of blood flowing.

Still the feeling is exactly as described in Robert Bruce Astral Dynamics, and what he describes as a sign of clairvoyant potential, whatever he means by that. I just know that is is always reduced to the same area, and very intense and annoying.

A few times I can use it to my advantage, where the pressing down feeling is so intense that I sink into a deeper trance by being "pressed down" in bed. But mostly it just destroys my practise.

Thank you both for your answers though, and I will defenetely do a try by moving my awareness to the brain/head.


Whether or not you "believe" in chakras, they do exist. Trust me on this one. If you practice NEW, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, etc. for any length of time you'll learn to feel and manipulate them.


Only been on this board for about a day, and this is already my third post, but anyway...

This isn't so much a question, more of a curiosity. I have many times seen people say to be "focusing on the third eye" in order to induce the vibrations and cause the separation. However this can mean a lot of things, and would be interesting to know exactly what they mean, since many people seem to have success with it.

I know several people have success with separation by gently "rolling" their eyes upwards. And by this way I guess one could say they "focus on the third eye" since they are when eyes closed "looking upward" towards that area.

But it could just as well mean that they picture an eye in the forehead, and concentrate on this kind of like a visualization.

Perhaps they visualize the area in the middle of the forehead? Focusing on trying to "feel" the forehead?

They might also be focusing on a sort of "pressing" sensation at that area, which I seem to get a lot when practising. Been thinking it was some sort of weird "headache"/pressure even though I am fully relaxed. That is until I read about it in Robert Bruce book. Don't know if it is of any importance, but feels kind of like someone is pressing their thumb quite hard in the middle of the forehead, and a few times a full palm. It's very annoying, doesn't hurt, but the pressure is quite intense... I am even starting to be able to "induce" it not even when practising. Not sure if it is really anything, but still a possibility that is what they mean.

Perhaps they focus on hypnogogic imagery, which some times seem to be considered "third eye images"?

In a nutshell, if anyone knows, let me know, thanks.