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Something wonderfull has graced my knowledge that I wish to share with everyone out there having trouble at projecting.

It is quite simple but requires alot of patience.

It is not so much a "METHOD" to project, but "TRAINING" to asist in projection.

Just like any thing else you desire to get good at, training is the way to go, Bruce Lee wasn't born a great martial artist, he trained to become so.

Any way, give it a try and let me know:

*WEEK 1* - As per usual, begin with breathing exercises via the diaphram, stretch your body out and do what ever it is, that will make you comfortable. Lay flat on your back with a pillow under your knees and your arms by your sides, or on your chest. As you see fit.
Focus on shutting down each part of your body one by one.

and finaly your head.

You can do this any way you desire to do so, ither visalize a light switch at the joints or energy manipulation, the choice is yours.
By this stage, if you were able to maintain focus on the task at hand, your body should be feeling rather heavy and fairly numb.
If not, try again 8)

Once you have finished, I need you to focus your mind into this ONE task.

CONVINCE yourself that you are realy lying down 6 inch's to the left of your actual location. Nothing more. This may take a while.  
Once it is done, dwell in this position (thank yourself for doing so, be happy) bring yourself back to centre and fall asleep.

Do this for ONE WEEK! EVERY NIGHT always to the left.

*WEEK 2* - Do EXACTLY the same, but to the right 6 inch's.
By this stage if you have been doing the training nightly, you should be very good at convincing yourself of a diferent location.  You may find after this second week, you are having very emotional dreams.  I've woke crying several times for unknown reasons.  If you can Project from a dream, this is a great state to aknowledge from.
Projection may even happen of it's own accord.
But I cannot stress enough, how vital it is to do NIGHTLY!
Put in the hard yards...

*WEEK 3* - This is where it starts getting funky.
Again follow the same procedure that you have been doing for the last fortnight, but this time convince yourself, that you are 6 inch's ABOVE your body. (This in itself has been mentioned as a method of projection, but most people do not have the visualization skills to just do it "like that") This time however, it will be easy to do, since you have been training for 2 weeks at CONVINCING yourself.
Again, projection might happen by itself, DO NOT try and force it. If vibrations occur do not do anything but feel at ease with them (comfortable that they are there).  The best thing to do is be happy with the results, relocate yourself in your body again, roll over and fall asleep.

*WEEK 4* - Once again just the same procedure as the past 3 weeks, it is IMPERATIVE that you use the same relaxation procedure for the ENTIRE duration, DO NOT relax differently in week 1, to week 2, and so on, you are TRAINING you body to do something specifically.
Once at the heavy relaxed state. CONVINCE yourself that you are 6 inch's BELOW your body.  This sounds a bit strange since your bed or floor will most likley be there, forget about it. You are floating in a void, and you can move where you wish.
Once 6 inch's below your body begin to CONVINCE yourself that you are swaying left to right like a pendulum. (This is where week 1 and 2 come in helpfull) Just relocate 6 inch's left. back to centre. 6 inch's right. back to centre, untill it becomes a fluid swing.  Your training is paying off, pull yourself back into your body. Fall asleep.

*FINAL WEEK* - This is it, by now, without even realizing it, you have trained yourself unbelievable visualization skills. 8) Patience has payed off.
Get yourself swinging like a pendulum again only this time, begin to do laps around your body, like so.
6 inch's above, 6 inch's right, 6 inch's below, 6 inch's left. repeat.
This will kick the vibrations in. Now you are ready to project.
Once the vibrations are fully going for it use what ever method to get out of the body you desire. DO NOT use a technique UNTIL the vibrations are happening.  Rope is good, so is the sit up method.
Most of the time you will probley find you project half way through doing laps around your body anyway. In which case give yourself a pat on the back. You have trained yourself to project in 5 weeks.

Now I do not guarentee in will take everyone 5 weeks, some will find they can do it after week 2. But if you can, finish the training.
DO NOT just stop there.  It will be worth it 8)
Most of the trouble will be in WEEK 1, if by the end of week one, you still can't convince yourself you are to the left of your body. Repeat week one untill you CAN do so, then procede.  Again PATIENCE people.  Some methods take people years to learn, 5 weeks of patience is a god send in comparison.  GOOD LUCK, let me know how you go.
I am more then happy to answer questions...
By the way, this method was developed by NOSTRADAMUS.  Just in case you wondered.

Peace and love to you all..

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