Full Body Relaxation Technique

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I've noticed that energy work seems to physically relax my body. Also, RB indicates somewhere that the Rope Technique can bring on the heavy trance state.

I used to progressively relax my body, starting with the toes, then the feet, then calves, knees, etc. These body parts would begin to fizz and tingle as I reached them. And then I'd begin to lose track of them. My arms and legs would be like logs.

Here is a technique I have found very effective that puts energy work and progressive relaxation together.


1. Focus on your toes. Tell yourself that your toes relax. The joints, the muscles become completely relaxed. Do each set of toes separately, if necessary. Do an opening awareness action around and through each set of toes separately. This is exactly like the tearing / bread breaking awareness action. Feel your toes opening up.

2. Focus on your feet. Tell your feet to relax, that your feet are becoming completely relaxed. Feel the tendons relax, the soul of the foot, the top of the foot. Do a gentle opening awareness action through each foot separately. Feel your feet opening up.

And so on...

3. Ankles
4. Lower leg / calves
5. Knees
6. Upper leg / thighs
7. Hips, groin creases, buttocks
8. Lower back
9. Fingers
10. Hands,
11. Forearms
12. Elbows
13. Upper arms
14. Shoulders

15. Feel your whole back and shoulders relaxing, sinking into the bed. Start at the base of your spine. Do a tearing awareness action, perpendicular to your spine, pulling away from your spine on each side. Move slightly up the spine and repeat, traveling all the way to the neck.

16. Repeat (15.) on the front of the body.

17. Gently open the neck, head, and face. Progressively relaxing each part. Feel your lips droop, your face relax, your forehead becoming unlined, your eyelids gently staying closed without any effort.

18. Repeat any and every part as necessary, in any order.

Each body part might start to fuzz, buzz, and tingle for the duration of the exercise.


I've found progressively opening and relaxing the entire body is extremely effective for getting me into that "ready" state. I'm a log by the time I'm finished.

Now I just need to work on my mind.

Does anyone have similar techniques or suggestions for modifying this one?