"Guardian" are you here???

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Wow, thats a pretty surreal story, I cant say if its real or not. If it is, hmm.. Could just be an immense telepath trying to mess with your head, or government trying to abduct you, or if your lucky, your real guardian. Cool
We are not truly lost, until we lose ourselves.

Blue Giant

Hmmm, business cards? I find that a little fishy. I won't be able to help you too much, but considering your dealing with a 'guardian' why would his presence bring about the feeling of goosebumps. Might be your psyche reaction, but if something were to be so gentle wouldn't a calm, collective atmosphere suite this individual. Goosebumbs generally are a good sign or what (I'm not talkin being cold here), listen to your gut feeling. I think a guardian would bring a calm smile and safe feeling. That's just me...but thought I would toss sumthin. Sounds exciting.


" I live for that kind of stuff " - teehee


Maybe it is just his way of picking up chicks. Sometimes a guy has to be creative. [;)]
Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.


Beware strangers bareing gifts - beware strangers bareing business cards even more!
Trust no-one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If he were your guardian he would be able to "apparate" anywhere, in your bedroom, ... but mainly in your DREAMS, not next to your work...

I suspect it is a person who is on the web doing research on you... You have posted some of your dreams and OBE here, so if he found you here he knows all that from here.

Have you seen the moive "the net" with Sandra B.? It is exactly that, a person who is chatting with Sandra on the net and he knows all what she reveals on the net, her favorite drinks, her favorite books, what she is doing, etc.... So for sure this person is NOT a REAL guardian angel but a FAKE. BE careful!!! It could be a friend making a bad joke, or worse someone who has been spying on you that way for a while already. I do not see why he should be from the militray or the government (that would still be understandable and OK). The worst is that if this person is just unsane!


Is there anything this bold guy knew that you did not tell anybody???? Is there such a thing?


By the way I have actually heard that the military and government would be interested in person OBEing... like for example OBEing to Moscow, or other places... so the big bald black guy sounds like the "head of the CIA" in Lilo and Stitch... or even in any other movie.... Sorry to refer you to movies...

But please, be careful!


Why would the government be interested in anyone here? All they have to do is buy Astral Dynamics for their agents and tell them to learn how to do it.
Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.


Maybe their all just really really lazy.
We are not truly lost, until we lose ourselves.


Well for starters, plug the number into a reverse phone directory such as this one: http://www.reversephonedirectory.com/ and it might tell you who the phone number belongs to, address, etc.
"The best evidence that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is that it hasn't tried to contact us." - from Calvin & Hobbes.


Did he actually tell you things that you have never written on this site or told anyone? If that is the case he has a direct tap on your mind.
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Hello Leyla,
This is a really extraordinary situation. If you have posted all the experiences he knows about that easily to be faked then. But if you haven't told anyone about your dream than this story is the most interesting one I've ever heard. If there was no way for him to know about your dream I would call him but not meet him. Of course always be very careful. Hackers have access to our computers even if we do not post anything on the web so if you have written your deram somewhere on the PC again there is a chance for him to know about it. So be careful
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I've never heard something like this before!
Anyway, i think that he will not come here. This card is a bright sign, that he wants a vivid connection, real live conversation. That reminds me to ask you, why do you want a conversation here, but no in any chat room or smth?
Obviously this man knows you well, and his information is not from here. The morning nightmare that you had approves that.
Also, (i do not want to frighten you) but the card could be a Trojan Horse in case that he wants to harm you or smth.

James S

Hi Leyla,

Has this man described to you any dreams or experiences of yours that you have not documented on this site or anywhere else, details that you have not shared with other people? If this is the case then that would absolutely rule out the idea of a stalking hacker, or anyone keeping tabs on you.

I don't subscribe to the idea of government agents getting involved in this kind of stuff. Conspiracy theorists don't seem to have anything better to do than to come up with these notions, but I'm sure world government agencies, especially the US agencies, have a have a few more pressing matters to attend to at the moment than following young ladies around trying to tap in to their minds.

As soon as you mentioned "Guardian" I had shivers run up my spine. I might seem out of line here, but where everyone else has dismissed this guy as something bad, I believe he is something good. Guardians are protectors and can be trusted. They've had a lot of training and are highly diciplined, kind of like the Jedi Knights of this world. Be as cautious and as careful as you feel necessary Leyla, he won't mind, in fact he will expect it. I do believe though he is here to help, not to harm.

Kind regards,


Yafey's post made me suddenly remember an episode I've had a couple of years ago. I was walking somewhere in midtown Manhattan, got pretty tired and decided to rest on a bench for a couple of minutes. On the nearby bench next to me there was sitting an old jew in typical outfit (black raincoat, hat, beard, the whole package). He approached me and told me some of my personal info - my and my mother's name, where I was born, etc. It appeared to me that he was extracting / remembering / obtaining information on the fly, as opposed to knowing it beforehand - he kept closing eyes and looking upwards, as if he was trying to recall the info. I asked him how he knew all that, but he didn't answer. Instead, he said "I have a present for you". He opened a briefcase and pulled out a new unsharpened plain regular M2 pencil (which are usually sold in bulk packages). He gave it to me and went away. After analyzing pros and cons of the situation, I decided that the optimal course of action would be to dispose of the "present" just in case, so I threw it out in the nearest trash-can.

The morale of the story: what the hell was that? Did I do the right thing?

James S,
I believe he is something good

I think it is too early to even try to make preliminary conclusions regarding whether he is good or bad. People here simply express concerns in case it is the latter.


In all the books that i've red and according to my experience, that is not the way a guardian should act.
But there Is some Sense connecting with the "Watching" status of that man. I Know that there are people that are looking for other people with abilities. For some reason i dont know about. I was taled to stay away from them (in case that i recognize them). Also i was taled they could be dangerous.
 I think you should not rush too much with that staff. Think well before calling him. Or when you both meet again.
 Beware and have Luck!!


I remembered something else. I've heard that some people possess the ability to see other peoples dreams and thoughts, because these thoughts and dreams are round the peoples bodies. That includes the aura. I can imagine how vivid these images are after a nightmare.


So you're saying there really are such things as "guardians?"
Please elaborate. What are they? Human? Angelic? or a little of both?

Most all of my astral experience are posted on this site- I took that into consideration. But he knew other things. My dreams, lots of other things. I wasn't scared because I felt he was evil, it's because I felt he had a key and had walked into my mind. This guy was far more powerful than anyone I've ever met. And that's another reason I feel he can't be evil. He must be very spiritual to have this power. He apologised for scaring me, but said he had to get my attention.

I told my friend at work about what he had done and she approached him, he went into total denial, like it was no big deal, swearing he was not a psychic, and had no abilities it's just that he could sometimes "figure people out" and "had a special connection" to me.

Oh, and by the way, maybe this isn't connected at all, but the moment I walked away from him I sat down in front of a little slip of paper, it was a fourtune cookie that said something about "true friendship" being "valuable," or something. I still have it too. I thought it was creepy.

I'm too chicken to call. If he's a "guardian" and has some special interest in me he'll be back.

Oh- I should mention this. He has a scar on his right hand. A big one. I touched it and he said "Yes, I've been shot."


WOW [:O][:O]

sounds like it was straight out of a movie or something! that is some pretty wild stuff guys, it just goes to show how there is so much more to this world than what you see.

Next thing you know it, its gonna be like the Matrix and agents start going after you! WATCH YOUR BACK lol...

in seriousness, i think its wicked cool...why not call the guy and see what hes all about?  

no fear.



Listen to your heart. Your own discernment is a powerful tool.


Ask him, 'When I hang up this phone and turn around will you be there?' [:D]


Post his phone number and let us lot give him a call :)


lol ask him to give us the number of the 'Guardian hotline'


If you do call him, call from a public phone or work. Don't call from your home phone. If he has less than honorable intentions it will be way too easy to find out where you live by calling from your home phone.

I have seen Guardian used in several different places. One that sticks in my mind is associated with aliens. Do a search on the net and I bet you can get some freaky stuff.
Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.


You know I have had to stop myself from doing that to people at times.  It may sound odd but with certain people I just get a lot of information from very few words.  I don't get anything like names or exact dream images but I learn a bunch of other things.  It's part of being empathic.  The strong ones come from people who are depressed over a situation or person.  But I don't approach strangers with that kind of stuff its just not me.  And I personally think that they could do with out the shock.  It's a little freaky if you know what I mean.

My personal urge would be to call him.  But from some place "safe" as mentioned above.  Like from a pay phone.  Should you set up something like a meeting then I would definatly take a friend or two.  Some one you can trust and who is aware of your situation, that way it's not too awkward.

The fact that some one else saw him was a good thing.  That way at least you know he is real and not one of those super bizare movie guys who just pops up out of no where and then dissapears just the same.