Has your life improved from Astral Projection?

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I've become extremely interested in Astral Projection, but I often read conflicting advice regarding whether the skill is worth acquiring - aka whether that person's life is has improved from Astral Projection. The way I often hear it described reminds me of Neo from The Matrix or opening Pandora's box: once you've been the Astral realm, you may never be the same again. Naturally, this is intimidating. This makes me think I should evaluate this decision properly.

Some of the side effects (or perhaps knowledge as a result of Astral Projection), like Robert Bruce's "physic attacks" from Astral Dynamics don't necessarily seem like a good thing. He mentions that he has pain in his hip as a result of a "physic attack" that may have resulted from a witch's curse. On first thought, that seems outlandish to me. However, I'm afraid that I could start believing things like this after Astral Projecting. (And who knows, it may be true. But I'm not sure whether my life would have better lived in ignorance.)

So what I am really looking for are your experiences.

Have you learned from Astral Projection?
What are the pros and cons in your view?
Would you say your overall life is better than before? (Peace, happiness, acceptance, etc.)
Is there anything to be cautious of?

Please share anything that you believe may assist a new-comer. I could be swayed either way  :-D.

Much love,



Hi Puls3, welcome to the forum and thanks for asking what I think is the perfect question. Unless you feel inspired or guided to do so you should probably never just jump into things.

I think a great deal of people who try this really have the wrong idea. I think they are hoping for a sort of magic, a sudden change in their lives that rarely comes. There are those who this appears to be a natural part of their lives and who they are whether they acknowledge that or not. Then there are those who wish it so and strive to make it so. Some are successful.

I know, for everyone who is meant to have one of these experiences they will. It won't matter if they are ready or if they respond or even acknowledge the event. These events are personal, very personal for most. However there are people who do receive (forgive my terminology) a calling (if you will). That calling is generally to help. Who do they help? That depends on many things which is another conversation all by itself.

As you pointed out above with Bruce's psychic attacks, much of what goes on in non-physical is colored by our own beliefs and perceptions. However, regardless of what one thinks the reality is that something DID happen. I won't go further into that at this moment.

As to your specific questions:

Have you learned from Astral Projection?
I have learned many things. Some very useful like I have a much broader sense of what life is and how it works which brings me to a point of being far less judgmental than I likely would be without it. I absolutely KNOW there is a reason for everything.

What are the pros and cons in your view?
The pros you'll have to decide for yourself. The cons you'll have to decide for yourself.

Would you say your overall life is better than before? (Peace, happiness, acceptance, etc.)
I personally have no before and after as this has come mostly natural to me as long as I can remember.

Is there anything to be cautious of?
Many, but if you only practice caution you'll never find out. Caution is good but you need to be willing to jump in with both feet when the time is right. Only you will know that. Forget all the tales you have heard or horror, that's just fear mongering. Many people, unlike you, do not take the time to think about WHY they want to do this or what might be involved.

If you do pursue AP no doubt you'll get your pants scared off a time or two. That is exactly the time to pull those pants up, grab your shield (figuratively speaking of course) and jump right back in, like riding a horse.

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide is right for you.


ETA: These are only my thoughts and opinions and do not express the thoughts and opinions of everyone here. Together we have a wide variety of thoughts and opinions so pick what resonates with you and feels true to you.
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Welcome to the forum.

I can't really answer your questions. But I will write a little bit. I love to EP..The EP is a level lower then the Astral. I think if you want to leave the body, You need to mentally be ready. In my years of experience,I find that most people who have a interest in this thing, that they have fear of the unknown. A lot of people who try this..I don't think they are ready for it. You have to open your mind to the fact that life exsistes in the afterlife.

When You leave the body You will see other entities.Are You mentally ready for that? Leaving the body is not scary. It's just are you mentally strong to accept it. I can not decide for you.If you think you are.. go for it. If not.. just chill... What a OBE did for me was open up my brain. It gave me all these channels of life to explore. It made me think.. What if...  It made me question life.

I can say that OBE'ing is addictive. If You ever leave the body and feel uneasy..just grab your pinky fingure. Your Obe will end with in 2 seconds. One thing to keep in mind is that when You OBE ..be nice to people.. Treat them like You want to be treated in life...You will do fine.


It has given me peace of mind, and I have also mostly lost my fear of death


I have learned to not fear death.
I have learned that we are consciousness and we will return to consciousness.
I have learned to stop searching for the "astral" as we are always "astral".  There's no escaping that.