Hello astral projection or Hallucination In Kiev Ukraine one of the basment

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Hello i was a child i was terrified of darkness i guess all children do my English is not very good
i started to get repressed memories back when i was a little boy i decide to fight my fear of darkness
so i went in basement it was pitch black darkness i sit there i would just stare in darkness
so darkness felt familiar i was not as scared i guess i kind explore my body with my mind like focus on different
part of my body some times later idk how long i found my self floating by my body and for some reason i had this idea to stop my heart with my hands and i did it stopped i panicked and i try to get my heart beat again
then out of curiosity i would repeat it over and over till i head loud man voice
he said something like why did you summon me mortal i dont remember more conversation but i think it was death
meaby i just breath to much gas and hallucinate it



First, your english is better than some people I know here, so all good.  :)

That's quite the experience!  It sounds like while you were down there in the darkness you opened your mind to the non-physical a bit and that's what you heard.  It was more likely a voice from within which was a reflection of your fear of the darkness. 

I'd suggest just sitting down there and exploring that a bit and see what happens.  Just know that you are perfectly safe and nothing is going to harm you from the non-physical.  :)