Hello i have this strange memory

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so some thing happened that this kid committed suicide right in front of me he jumped he told me he will never forgive me I was like 7 or 8yo so I run to my 13 floor apartment in Kiev Ukraine i try to drink poisen dint kill me so i run to the door were firesteps are and balcony I run screaming
i dint want to live my dad was just coming home he chase me he was able to grab my hand i hang on the edge of balcony but my hand slip out of my dad hand I was falling some body catch me and they lower me till some body was able to pull me in but he was screaming at me and
shaking me in hands but I pulled my self out and land in metal trash catcher took me awhile to remember why I was inside and i jump to the ground it was maybe about little        below 2th floor

then strange stuff I remember I was in hospital in ICU  there was people around me but then they just was gone I was left in darkness I knew I was alone then I remember  there was light above me it was dark around but light above me and then i rember strange memories I maybe I was outside
there was people around me I don't remember much conversations but I'm remembering they point in the sky they told me god will appear in the sky and I look I don't   remember  much but i do remember  they told me some body wants to see you ad there was a boy and hug him and ask him to forgive me he hug me and he told me I already forgive you then i think he or some body said i cant stay here but they told me he will be waiting for me. I remember  this memory i was inside me apartment i was looking for my dad some time he smokes in bathroom i open the door
but i dint see my dad i saw a person he was sitting there and for some reason i  think he was a god or i knew he was a GOD so i just give him a hug and i rember as soon as hug him i rember every become bright a bright light cover me felt so amazing i felt energry get inside me it feel like is going
tear my chest but dint hurt it felt amazing was i dead for short time idk or my soul left my body



Don't worry about your english, we'll get through it just forgive us if we have to ask silly questions so we can understand better.

So you say this is a strange memory. Is it a memory you have of actual physical reality?
Or is this something you experienced in non-physical space such as a dream or oobe?

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