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Hi Brian,

Welcome to the fold! Best of luck in your explorations into this area of your life! Remember that there are a lot of people on this forum that can help with any questions or probems you have.

-- Muzza


Hello, Brian!  I am so glad to see another neophyte like myself.  I have had many AP's and OOBE's but I want to consciously control them.  (13 years ago)I had a male friend that could "bring me out" and we'd dream together.  He opened my eyes to another world.  I knew I was psychic since being 4 years old but I never knew about AP until J introduced me to it.  Most of mine are like dreams.  Last year, when I was emailing a Buddhist I met on AOL, I APed but lost most of the experience to lack of memory recall.  

If your focus your life on hate, anger, and regret, it is only your fault for what you get.


I just wanted to say hello to everyone that reads the Astral Pulse forums.

I've just started practicing the exercises from Astral Dynamics with the hope/goal of achieving Astral Projection.  I've read that this can take several months of daily practice -- so I'm trying to cultivate the mindset of keeping my enthusiasm high, without getting discouraged after lack of success with any given practice session.

I've been reading about AP for about 20 years now (!!), since I was very young, but have only recently come to a place in my life (and in my mindset) where I'm ready to 'go for broke' and just do it.

I bought AD back in '99 right after it came out, and was a fan of Robert Bruce's writings in alt.out-of-body before that.  Thanks for all of your work Robert!!