Help, I've never APed before and trying to do so.

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I learned about AP last month and have been trying to do it since the beginning of October. I've tried many techniques like visualization and affirmatation. Many times I even fall asleep trying to do it. I also recently tried binaural beats but that just gave me random dreams. I wanna have an OBE really bad. Yesterday when I was asleep I felt like I could actually do it. I tried to roll out but my physical body moved instead. I was in a good state for AP but then I just drifted off to sleep again :(. I can't wait till I have my first OBE. Anyone have any advice.


Hi there! Here's a few pointers i think you might find useful.

Before you plan on going to sleep, relax and/or meditate trying your best to relax yourself.

In your mind or even verbally tell yourself you're going to project tonight. Have your method fresh in your mind before going to bed.

Drink a pint of water!

Go to sleep.

After four hours of being asleep, have your alarm wake you up and go take a leak. (eg: 11pm Wake at 3am!)

Get back into bed.

You'll note how instantly relaxed you're feeling, your body will start to 'fall asleep'.

Ok relax, go with your body.. let it relax.. calm your thoughts.. try counting back from 300

You'll notice you might start slipping, ie you'll suddenly stop the counting!

With this in mind, aware of the fact you're slipping.. clear your mind once more

You'll soon start to feel vibrations (you may not, some people don't)

Imagine yourself either rolling out, or using whatever exit method you're happiest with!

It might be useful to read the sticky threads on exit methods, I hope you find these pointers useful. Let me know how it works out for you.