"Hey Gimme that Back!"

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Ok here's one for ya guys...

So I have gotten pretty proficient with my little awareness energy ball and I can throw it to all different parts of my body at a whim and stimulate different chakras with it and whatnot.  All via NEW techniques btw.

Here's my question:  Every once in a while when i put my awareness ball out side of my body and start moving it around all the sudden it feels like it has gotten grabbed and is getting pulled away from me and I get into a tug-of-war and I always invariably lose.  After it gets pulled from me I just lay there feeling way empty and my trance meditation has completely lost its feel.

I guess the logical thing to assume based upon Bruce's theorys is that I have created a double and I am running away from my self and tug-o-waring with myself.  What bugs me is that I have never gotten any secondary shadow visuals and apparently never like to return to me... or something LOL

Sooooo anyone else have similar experiences?  If its not the boogey man grabbing my essence every chance he gets.... then how do i better transfer my full awareness and/or program myself not to run away and fight...me.  I have tried to give myself the firm intention b4 hand not to run but it doesn't seem to do any good.

peeeeeeeeez help