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Hi everyone, I,m a newbie to this list & found it via posts on
another OBE site , Monroes & voyagers.Seen a couple of names from that list, but like myself, others could be under another name.
I will give you a brief run down on my involvement in the OBE scene.
I live in Brisbane,Queensland,Australia & have been having OBE,s
since I was about 6 years old, but back then & up until about 16
I fought desperately to keep it out of my life as there was not that
much information available to me then & it scared hell out of me
( any OBE,ers know what I,m talking about, that initial fear that
maybe I,m dying or maybe I wont be able to get back in, & then in
the beginning you scramble like hell to get back in your body ).
By the time I reached 16 I had met some people who had similiar
experiences & got some books & tapes, ever since I,ve been on an
incredible life journey.
Anyway good to see more of us communicating & look forward to reading & replying to future posts.

Mobius :-)>