How do i get passed the vibrations :(

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So I have been practising to astral projection for a while now and only recently saw results. About 6 days ago i felt major vibrations in my head and shoulders after reaching sleep paralysis. I then feel my arms feeling...funny, almost light.

From here I dont know what to do to have a successful projection. I have been practising every day and just get stuck at that point and i wish i could get passed it.
So i signed up to this forum to try get help.
So please if anyone can help or give advice I would really appreciate it  :-D


 Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

There are a number of ways. Check out some of these fantastic Stickies to find a way that will work for you. They are the threads found in BOLD BLUE LETTERS.

Here's a couple of great ones to start with:

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)


Yesterday I got vibrations.   I thought I will do nothing and let it happen by itself.   That was a mistake as the process just came to an end and I did not ap.   Next time I will imagine I am rocking from side to side and then I will get out of my body that way.   I suggest you experiment different things and see what works and what does not work.


Hi Brett.

Can you tell us what you are doing specifically so we can get an idea of what might help you?
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Thank you for the help guys!!

So far I wake up in the morning, at about 7 and walk around, wash my face for a bit then go back to bed to try AP. I lie down and try reach a state of sleep paralysis. I do this by focussing on my breathing and just trying to not focus on anything while at the same time trying to watch my body go to sleep, if anyone knows what i mean. After about 25 min i feel my body feeling very heavy, almost as if im sinking into my bed. My body also starts to feel a bit numb. Then the only way I know of getting the vibrations to start is through the monroe method. They start very small in selected parts of my body, and then bang!! These huge vibrations come. Like all through my head, neck and shoulders. I then try roll my astral body out, or try imagining sky diving, or doing the rope technique. But so far nothing. Maybe im missing something or doing something incorrectly as im still new to this.

Once again thanks for all the replies so far, this forum is definitely going to help! :-D


When I feel my mind being more relaxed than normal I ap without having to do anything.   When I get other vibrations that is different.   Perhaps your technique is not working because you do not believe it will happen.   When you are doing a technique try to really think you are doing the technique.  You can feel the rocking or walking or whatever technique you are using.   Try to believe it is really happening.  I am starting to realise that the mind is very powerful.   If I talk myself into ap I can usually ap.   If I have any doubts it does not work.   That may not be you.   There is another way but people do not seem to like doing it.  I seem to get negative responses.   You can spiritually get out of your body.   It is very easy to do.  Your inner self is very loose from your body.   It makes it easy to get out.   If you try that, try to get out all at once as that is a lot easier to do than one arm, one leg etc.


When I feel the vibrations I usually mess up because I focus too much on them. Just remember they are just a milestone, and you will not even feel them every time. If anything, they signify you are doing well, and that you should carry on down that path, but don't treat them as the conduit that will take you out of body because they are not.

Good luck.
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