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What made it happen quickly for me was belief. I had two OOBE spontaneously and I believed wholeheartedly that I could have one intentionally.

It can take a long series of realizations or "A-ha" moments to finally see it and then it becomes easy/easier. At least easy enough that you wonder why you never saw it like that before.

In the meantime, have you really done everything that you can?

Are you using affirmations and doing "dream checks" through out the day?

Do you really have your fear and excitement under control? I would imagine that one or the either has prevented you at the last moment on more than a few occasions in three years.

If so, have you taken time off from trying? This is when it finally happens for many people who are struggling.

I'm sure you already know more than you need to in regards to all the techniques. Hopefully someone will say something or use a metaphor that just makes everything fall in place for you. One phrase may be the key to making it "click" for you and unfortunately, no one has a clue as to what it might be.

There are no silver bullets but belief will get you a lot further than lead. :-)

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain


 :-D Thank you for telling me I will try this as soon as I am a little sleepy!!!  :-D


I was in the Marine Corp in Vietnam 66-67.  In combat, as a helicopter crew-chief, I left my body many times, via high altitude engine failure, crashes, fire-fights, extreme auto-rotations, base attacks, etc.  Before I share with you the most extreme I'd like to lay in a little background.  I'm assuming most of you have heard the term "scared to death?"  April 27, 1967 my squadron was hit with 300 rockets in an area the size of a football field.  These rockets emit a surround sound scream coming in at 3am pitch dark.  Not until they actually explode elsewhere are you sure they won't hit YOU.  After many imagined deaths, a rocket landed 10' from me and convinced me I'd been hit.  I don't recommend this process for leaving the body:)

Scared to death:  If you twist fear's volume knob all the way you'll run into terror at the other end.  A place where the body gives up fluids and the spirit gives up the body.  I popped out/exteriorized approximately 200' without loosing sight of my body and without knowledge it could be done.  Looking back at my body I felt a deep sorrow for my mother/father and the obligatory telegram announcing I'd been KIA'd.  I felt a strong need to make amends to all the people I'd hurt.  I looked around for somebody else but only felt unimaginable loneliness that I feel to this day.  I looked at the war and realized I was still seeing, hearing, and thinking.  In death I realized, "you can't kill me, I'm not my body, I don't have a soul-I am the soul, I'm immortal."  I realized time doesn't exist for us spirits, that spirits are not somethings but the creator of somethings.  Even though it was the happiest most amazing revelation, my own goodness humbled me.  From there, as a sphere of awareness, I started seeing my past time-track of memories coming in from all directions.  This lifetime, with all the people I'd known by name, past quickly into past lives of familiarity and unwanted amnesia.  By the time I got to the pyramids the memories were coming in so fast I felt I was entering a painful implosion.  I begged for a second chance and got it.  I snapped back into my body and finished the rocket attack dumbfounded without fear.  I don't recommend forced exteriorization, it's not fun, but I'm glad I was able to return and talk about it.  

On my 47th anniversary I feel like it happened a second ago.  I know the old game of governments and bad guys holding bodies hostage with threat of death are over for me.  I feel Mankind's awareness of immortality is the next evolutionary step to a spiritual awareness without amnesia.  And to this end we have much to thank Scientology for they are not confused.  They have technology (processes) that can assist anyone who wants to communicate with and duplicate their own immortality...Semper Fi Nam 66-67  


Thank you for sharing your story grayjones and for your sacrifice and service as well. :-D :-D
It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain


First off, Welcome to the Astral Pulse and thank you for sharing.

Wow, we tell people here they must confront their fears to AP. But you have taken that to a totally new level!   :-o

I also would like to extend a thank You for your sacrifice and your service!   :-)


Thanks for sharing this. I've been working on having my first conscious OBE for over a year now. I have a crapload of PDF's, copied & pasted info and stuff from the internet about it and I have read Robert B's book "Mastering Astral Projection". I didn't try to follow the 90 program to the letter; I just read the info and tried to incorporate techniques & elements needed to get OOB. I did learn some things from his book though. I also have all 3 of William Buhlman's books, too.

Anyway, your account of how you got out of body was interesting because your account was the first I have read that incorporates what you called "disassociation" from your physical body. I'll have to try that. Oh, and I pasted & copied your post about how you got out for the first time.

But (duh), disassociation from your physical body is definitely an element to getting OOB. Your account was just the first time I saw someone specifically mention that word like you did. Don't you just love it when you overlook the obvious (like I have/am doing)? Hehe

Anyway, thanks for sharing that!  :-)


Quote from: Anemani on March 03, 2010, 15:11:41
I have to do this in secret. I can not be open about it, because my parents would not understand and I would get in trouble...  ^^ so I am sort of the oddball
as far as im concerned, if God did not want us to experience this, he would have made it non existent, since it is here, we should embrace it and learn from it. my family is mainly christian but i was never a church goer not because i didnt believe in God but, because i always felt that if God is so great and mighty, then it would be foolish for me to think the he revealed himself all in one book (bible) when there is so many holy scriptures to read, i would be doing myself a disservice by limiting myself to that....but, its a shame that you cannot tell your folks that you project or at least try to project...i bet they also feel that if you did project you could die from it or someone else could take over your body.....God gave you your soul and your body is the vehicle for it, no one else but God can take it from you period...everyone progresses at the right pace...some slower than a slow learner cause i get too excited when i get the vibrations...ill get over it eventually.......may the force be with you.


You know, it's funny because as i read your post i wanted to throw my palm through my forehead. I tried something precisely like this and i had the strongest pre OBE sensations that i ever had in my life but for some reason, i regarded it as one of those 'good nights'. Seeing as i had a few drinks tonight, i'll wait to give it another go tomorrow! Lol, Awesome post!


Hi guys,

First of all, thanks a lot the forum and building this online community so we can share our experiences, thoughts and ideas... that's my first post in the forum, to share my little experience, but I hope it is only the beginning :)

So.. years ago I was attracted to that kind of stuff by Castaneda and the teachings of Don Juan... little by little I started gathering information, heard about OBE, what it means, got convinces that it actually exists... being convinces is one very important aspect, especially in the modern society where money means everything.. pity...  

So... one night I was practicing all kind of breathing, stretching techniques with the idea that I somehow need to reach the astral plane. No success and eventually I fell asleep... in the middle of the night I woke up to take a leak and almost half asleep went to the toilet to the job... still half asleep returned to bed and started to relax and calm down, while keeping my consciousness alert with the main question... how to reach the plane... at some point I stopped hearing all the night sounds outside my house (no dogs barking, no cars moving... total silence)..  the question was still in my mind... and then... I heard a voice... "Why don't you shoot yourself out?" in that moment I imagined myself sitting in a big cannon gun and fired myself... buuum... my had was full of vibrating sounds... vup vup vup vup... initially I got a little but surprised what the heck is that.. the vibrations slowed down, but I decided to have them... so they came back with higher intensity and at one moment all stopped.. I was feeling a great calmness... opened my eyes and the whole room was in light..

Tried to repeat it for several months without any success... got more books, started to exercise new techniques... nothing helped, until one night when I got to bed quite early (8pm) with the willingness, confidence and objective that I'm going to do it again... At certain point I got multiple paralysis, which scared me and I had to return multiple times, while at one moment I was standing... managed to chaise the fear away and was able to move around my house, even having some fun flowing (had quite many flying dreams and I really enjoyed them in the past)...

So the general conclusion for me is... although all kind of techniques might help to relax, they mean nothing if you are not confident, don't really by your entire being desire to do OBE and without any portion of fear that something might be on the way. It's not important how your body is situated, how many times you do some breading or focusing.. you need willingness, confidence and try to stay focus while falling asleep. All those techniques are meant only to relax your body... you will not get OBE unless you have the will and strong desire. :)  


Thank You :)

This is almost a deeper mindfulness meditation technique. But on a subconscious level. I will strive for this. I have been a natural lucid dreamer but never had an OBE. By the way, in my opinion. Mindfulness is the ultimate form of experience.

Thanks, Guy :)


Very very interesting posting here.  Excellent articulate beginning post.  I'll have to try this.. 8-)

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."
In Alice in Wonderland by 'Cheshire Cat'


Quote from: Blossom on June 30, 2014, 10:12:55
Very very interesting posting here.  Excellent articulate beginning post.  I'll have to try this.. 8-)
Personalreality has a great perspective, I wish he was around more.

As for you!  You've been here since 2002!  Wow... not many veteran posters here anymore.  :)


Yes, I've been around a while, but STILL LEARNING.  It is a never ending process where I am concerned......  And that's what it's all about.  Keeping your mind open and fresh and willing to accept and learn more.  

I remember Frank, Adrian and Robert in the old days.  I am still in touch with Doc T.  We have corresponded with  each other for 12 years now off and on.  Irwin Weisburg (RIP) is another that I never lost touch with as well, until he passed.  It's a small world and the internet makes it even smaller and more interesting!

I read an article that Adrian and Robert went their separate ways and it led me to come back to astralpulse and astraldynamics and also your other site and register or re-register.  I'm sorry to hear about the parting, but people must follow their own path in life.  We are responsible for ourselves and what we teach and how accepting we are to new things. Adrian is an awesome man! :-o  He led me to a book years and years ago, and the name of it eludes me right now, that I need to dig out of a book shelf somewhere.  It was about the path of life and choices.  It was a series.  Excellent excellent book.  I think this is a good time to re-read it.

But different viewpoints are what makes life so very enjoyable.  No one is really right or wrong.  We just have to find our own path in life and do what we feel is right for ourselves.

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."
In Alice in Wonderland by 'Cheshire Cat'


You'll find all that and more here.  I think the place has matured nicely over the 10+ years it's been kicking it. :)


Hello! I'm new around here, and I'm also a new student to my awakening. I've learned so much so quickly from so many different members of the Astral Projection community. (Before you read, understand I have yet to try personalreality's method.)
As well, so many interesting stories and accounts of AP and OBEs in this thread. This is amazing we can all come together peacefully to learn, explore, and share. Anyway...

I'm having several problems and I could really use some help.
I have ADD and this keeps my mind running almost 24/7, I'm incredibly creative and thoughtful as well. These... AREN'T helpful traits when trying to meditate or AP. Yet, it gets worse.

1. When I'm trying to clear my mind and relax and focus. My concentration is often broken easily, not as much by my own thoughts, but by my own thoughts, they come in like a wrecking ball, they're very powerful.
2. I often get very slight twitches, not that I normally twitch, but I'll be laying down and without control, my leg will move maybe 1 cm, and that scares me that I've ruined the whole thing and I obviously fail at this negative-excitement, my heart soaked in disappointment.
3. Concentration is not my forte. I don't know what to focus on, so many different 'techniques' I try visualization and that doesn't help either. And even then, my job isn't to focus on anything, just to calm my mind. (See problem 1)
4. Lastly, I move my eyes when they're shut sometimes, and it scares me that- once again- I ruined the whole process. And I just go to bed or slug around in self-shame.

I worry, because, unlike lots of people, I don't FEEL my energy. I know and understand chakra and human energy. However, throughout this whole awakening I've been having, I have yet to experience and really feel these things. And I understand that as a human- a species with amnesia- I haven't practiced or trained with energies since I've been alive. My family never talked about such things, and if I did have the power as a child, as most children do, then I've lost it over the years. I digress, but I love to digress. I don't FEEL energy, and I have a hard time concepting Oneness with the universe.
(On the flipside to this, I HAVE had a spiritual connection with my dog, who has in the past channeled thoughts and emotions to me in an attempt to understand why it takes more than 10 seconds to go to the store.)

I know as humans we all have the power but I'm just worried.
Probably an overreaction, I just want to learn so bad that it hurts.

All I seek is wisdom and understanding. If anyone can help that'd be great.  :-(


Ok guys I'm new to this forum and this is my first post so before I go to the main topic, let me introduce myself. Im a 20 years old male from Bulgaria (so sorry about my bad english). Im not religious but I'm interesten about my existence and I do believe in OBE because I had it twice few years ago. I know some people are prejudiced about all that and think it's only people who are drug dependent believes in OBE that's why I have to say I do not use any drugs and never been using. I don't drink alchohol and doesnt even smoke cigarettes.
  My first OBE I experienced about 7-8 years ago. This is one of the most significant moments of my life i could never forget. I never planned it or something, it just happend while I was sleeping. I was watching myself from the corner of my room and meanwhile I've been hearing some voices.
  The second one happend 1 or 2 years ago, again unwanted. In my OBE I was out of my apartment and was flying around the city. This one  lasted just a few minutes.
  Since these 2 encounters I started to be interested in AP/OBE. First I found the Monroe's book. Everything there seemed to be so easy, so I decided to try. It hasn't been much of sucssess, so i continiued with my searcing. Then I've saw some other methods in internet but they didnt't help me either.
   I finally started to think if this is real and those books are not just a science fiction and decided to find out if there are other people who practice this "skill". At that point, yesterday I found this forum. I read some topics and eventually found this one. I tought it's really easy method so I decided to try sometime. I went to bed the same night. It wasn't really quiet at home so I decided to try it another day, but later that night about 4-5 AM I woke up. Everyone was sleeping, I was realxed so I tried it. I lay down on my back, closed my eyes and started to listen to this noise in my ears while watching in the dark spot behind my eyelids.
  The noise kept getting louder and clearer. For some reason I started to hear a song in my head along with that noise (the song was Satisfy my soul by Bob Marley, no idea why). Both the song and the noise became loud and clear like as I was listening them with my ears. Then when they became most clear I suddenly felt the "vibrations" It wasn't like most people describe it. They didn't increase slowly, or I just didn't feel them while I was listening to the song. The vibration came so strong for like just a second and then BANG! I heard a cracking sound. I can't really describe it but it mostly sounded like when you switching channels on an old TV. After that cracking sound I felt myself lighter. I opened my eyes (not sure if pysical or not) and saw the room. I tried to move but I was paralysed. I was really scared and decided to end this. I closed my eyes and felt these vibrations rapidly decreasing. Then I was able to move again. I was very scared so I turned myself on one side and tied to fall asleep. I tried to fall asleep for like 30 minutes but every time i was closing my eyes I started feeling these vibrations slowly increasing. Somehow i stopped them and managed to fall asleep.

I want to try this again, but I've read a lot of scary things so I want to hear your opinion guys.
First I've heard that there is a chance if I "go out" to never come back. Like being stuck in this non physical world.
Second, there are rumors that you can die doing this.
And last Is there a chance for some so called "deamon" to get in my body while Im out.

I might sound stupid and newbie but i really need your answers and opinions about this.

Thanks for reading.  :-)


Hi Sirkgarf.  Welcome to the Pulse!  :)  No, you can't die, get possessed by a demon, or fail to come back to your body.  Those are all ridiculous rumors.  Maybe if a person had a bad heart condition in which getting scared could give them a heart attack, then they could die.  But that could just as easily happen in a nightmare or by getting a scare in the physical. 

The loud 'bang!'  - I know it well lol.  It happens to everyone from time to time who does conscious projections.  Also on the list of annoyances - visual, tactile and other audible hallucinations.  You need to train yourself to completely ignore those things.  They can't hurt you.  As soon as you are 'out of body'  all of that creepy stuff will be gone and you'll be free to enjoy your experience.  The hallucinations will diminish with time.  Many say they are a sort of 'fear test' to see if you're ready for non-physical reality.  You need to pass the test.  Just keep practicing.  It'll all work itself out.  :) 


Zdrasti sirkgarf   :wink:

Don't believe these rumors. They are not true. You need to reprogram your mind set, release your fears of the unknown and start enjoying trips to "the other side" LOL. You are lucky, you had already found your method (early morning technique), which works great for you. So, all you have to do is go through the motion with the vibration and sleep paralysis stage. To release your fears, I suggest before bed, do some affirmations that you are totally protected and nothing can harm you in the astral. You control the experiences with your thoughts and intent. Remember that. Also, when the vibes start, don't linger too long in this stage, because your fear will only grow stronger and you may wake up yourself physically, which will prevent a successful AP. So, quickly think that you are standing next to the door for example, imagine yourself there and the next moment you will find yourself teleported so to speak in spirit in the astral. Some people imagine rolling out of body, or standing up, but that is not necessary. Your thoughts teleport you. I recommend reading William Buhlman's books. Monroe did not help me either in my earlier attempts.


Zdravei Lightbeam :lol:

What about going back to physical? Is there anything to know about it, or some technique, or it's like natural instinct once im "there".


Quote from: sirkgarf on October 18, 2014, 03:25:04
Zdravei Lightbeam :lol:

What about going back to physical? Is there anything to know about it, or some technique, or it's like natural instinct once im "there".

Most of the time, when your physical body does not need more sleep, you will wake up and your AP will end. But if you want to end it consciously, just think about returning. Nothing to worry about. Usually people have problems with too short APs :)


If I wake up this night I will try to "get out" again. I will try to face this other reality without fear. As a newbie I'd like to ask what are the limits of the AP. I mean I've read in Monroe's book that you can move through walls. Is this really true and will I be able to moove freely in my first tries.

Edit: Also, Can this AP affect my physical and mental condition in a bad or a good way?


Quote from: sirkgarf on October 18, 2014, 11:04:16
If I wake up this night I will try to "get out" again. I will try to face this other reality without fear. As a newbie I'd like to ask what are the limits of the AP. I mean I've read in Monroe's book that you can move through walls. Is this really true and will I be able to moove freely in my first tries.

Edit: Also, Can this AP affect my physical and mental condition in a bad or a good way?

From my own experiences I can tell that I am benefiting mentally and physically. As far as limitations, your own thoughts and beliefs can create limits, barriers, manifest fears, etc. So if you believe you cant get through walls, then you may not be able to. You are the creator and navigator, and not the environment. Intent also plays a huge role while observing the higher frequency worlds. Always, go with positive attitude, excitement, set goals before hand, so you remember what you wanted to test or experience, and don't fully believe everything you read, because everyone's experiences are different based on personality, state of mind, etc. You manipulate with your thoughts the environment and experience, so it will be a reflection of your expectations.


This sounds completely mind blowing. It's hard for me to understand that we all expirience the same thing but everyone sees and is able to do different things and that my beliefs and thoughts actually change the reality "there". Maybe because I'm used to the physical world where we all can do the same.


Yep, forget about the laws of the physical world. Keep a very open mind.


Ok thanks for helping me. I will try again as soon as i get the chance. :-)

Edit: I'd like to ask If it's necessarily to use diamonds or other stones. I've read some of you use them.