How to pass the hypnagogic stage?

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Sp3ctral Sh4dow

What are some relatively easy ways to get past the hypnagogic imagery/void state/mind awake body asleep? Also should you wait in the state for a bit or would immediately exiting after feeling the sensations work just as well? Thanks for reading
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There's no easy way to do any of this stuff.  Sadly.  Or else this forum really wouldn't exist.

You're also confusing your "states".

The void state isn't the same as hypnogogic imagery or mind awake / body asleep (ma/ba).  They're all different experiences, sort of.
If you're experiencing hypnogogic imagery, then you're essentially having micro projections.  It's just a matter of continuing what you're doing until you're solidly projecting.
If you're experiencing the void state, then you're already projecting.  Place your intent and go venture forth.
If you're experiencing ma/ba state, then you're essentially projecting as well.  It's sort of a launchpad experience, same as the void state... place your intent and go forth.

Your problem is that you have too much "book knowledge" in you and you're confusing lots of things up.
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Sp3ctral Sh4dow

Got it. Thanks for the clarification! I always bunched the experiences up as the same thing because the awareness felt the same in each state for me :)
"If you fall, i got you." - The floor