"Howdy!" from the new guy!

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welcome to the astral pulse!
What is the sound of no leaves cloving?


Hi Skip

You`ll find plenty of useful information here.

Happy Trails


hey Skip[8D]

there are lots of people here

who are interested in astral travel,etc.

and unlike most forums, there aren't many jerks around here...

The musical conciousness is mind beneath the sun.


A Big Hallo to Chiron382. [:)]
Hope that you like AstralPulse and find what you are looking for.


Originally posted by Chiron382

I am a radio DJ, and live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Missouri.


Hi Skip,

Nice to meet you, I'm Jeni. By the sound of your username, I thought you worked in television (A chyron operator is someone who puts the title bars, as well as the graphics on screen at a television station).

I did some radio back in college and would like to get back into it again, even if only for fun.

Take care and nice meeting you,
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Hi Skip,

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Very best,
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Howdy from the old guy. :)



Hey Chiron!


And Frank...I bet I am older than you..[:P] Wait a minute, why am I sounding smug..? Thats a bad thing, that I am older than you..Doh!

[;)] Nay.



Hello Friends!

I just now joined,and wanted to say "Hi!"to y'all.

I am a radio DJ, and live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

I've had a few OBE's in my life,and I am reading "Astral Dynamics" for the first time,so I hope soon have some more!

I am honored to be part of this discussion group.

Warmest regards,