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I am awake but things happen similal to when i'm asleep

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It seems that everything i post here is a question i probably already have the answer for but won't accept it or understand it.. I don't know.. i'm just tired of this game or what ever it is i guess.  i experienced something a long time ago while on some illegal substances.. so i quit... time went on and i experienced the same things in my dreams.. or what feels like the same thing.. sounds and body sensations.. sometimes even visual.  which cause me to hit the net in search of answers.. i found this place.. it seemed to fit the mold of what might be happening to me..

many times in my normal everyday life.. i'd be walking around and get this insaine felling of deja vu.. like i knew i was supposed to do something.. all of the sounds around me felt like they were talking to me.. some how every sound was a piece of a code that i could understand and soon as i realized that was happening i would get this crazy paranoid feeling that i was doing something illegal.. the room would slow down.. like i was being watched.. then speed back up.. then i would be confused.. but i had done nothing wrong.. no drugs in years... why was this happening?

so i decided to get ticked off.. and face this fear i was having.. smoking pot does this to me.. it is legal in some states(sort of).. as well as countries.. so it doesn't make sense that what ever i'm seeing could be life threatening..  like i feel it is..

i used to be a very social person.. i smoked for years with no weird issues like i have now.. but for some reason i look back on my life and see these odd situations happening through out my whole life.. certain dreams i had when i was a kid.. situations i was in.. places i worked.. lived.. i remember dreams of me in jail and being relaxed because i would have time to read some books i have been wanting to read... i went to jail because of some dumb kid i spent one night there and hated it.. honestly.. i kindof feel like this reality is a jail of some kind..

think about it.. when we dream we are free to do most anything.. granted its really random for me.. some consistency.. but in the long run of a night i bounce all over the place.. it feels like i went on vacation to hawaii for a week.. then i wake up and have to go to work to bonking pay rent... but the trip to hawaii was free of charge?  how dose that work?  why do we feel the need to wake up?  and yes.. people will say the body can't live without the mind.. but why do we need a body.. what is so good about the crappy rules we have here  i mean we can't do excrement.. you want something here you have to work your butt off.. maybe i'm lazy but i kindof like my free vacations to hawaii

so now i'm very anti social.. when i smoke i get these crazy vibes just like when i'm drifting off at night.. heart racing.. weird paralysis.. then the people i'm with start talking about excrement that i'm thinking about.. they answer my thoughts.. almost as soon as they enter my head.. so logicaly i get a paranoid.. try to think of something else... but they keep on par.. i can't seem to get this out of my head.. so i sit there not saying a word.. tell myself it will pass.. i'll fell normal again soon.. tell myself i'm not going to smoke anymore for a while.. then yup.. i do it again.. i want to get over this fear.. or find the answer to why this happens..

what am i running from?  i have dreams i'm running up or down a stairwell that doesn't go anywhere.. but i feel that someone is right behind me.. so if i stop i'll get caught.. caught doing what i'm in a bonking dream?? 

its like i'm in a coma at the hospital in some reality.. and if i talk to the right person in this reality or perhaps my dream they will be able to pull me out of this crazy coma.. and things will change.. i honestly feel i'm trapped here? can anyone relate to this??

i know i sound crazy.. but i feel like i'm a pretty intelligent person.. i graduated high school with honors.. my senior year i took calculus and honors chem.. a's with very little studying..  almost done with college with above a 3 point.. i'm not bragging.. i'm just trying to justify how i've grown up.. with such control.. while experimenting with plenty of illegal substances then as well..

Riddled_skyes posted a topic in Astral consciousness..

Quote from: riddled_skies on April 13, 2007, 02:10:21
Or circle. Or square! Or computer screen!

I had this feeling today that we're all taking this OBE, Astral Projection, spiritual enhancers, Channeling crap at face value. You acknowledge it, it's there. But we all do the same thing with these things. Or, I think tools is a Better word for them.

My point is, the mysterious is not as mysterious anymore, I'm not saying projecting and going into space to explore is not one hell of a time, but I think it's time the Astral Pulse community, and everybody else, should start getting creative with our knowledge we have here of these phenomena.

I remember that when, once upon a time, everything was new to me. It was all wierd and interesting. But not so much anymore.... there was a guy on this forum once, who said he could meditate and project while standing up with his EYES OPEN! Now that is what I call interesting, now just visualize that with me: He is one of a kind. (Or of a few, i dunno, i dont know any person with that talent.)

But not to put too much emphasis on meditating. Moving along, we have talents such as the 'kinesis family. Ever thought of experimenting with that?! Using pyrokinesis and wind kinesis, and maybe also a 'transformer' kinesis? Idunno what that is... but it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun! Let's have fun. Let's be teenage kids with this, come on, WERE PIONEERS!


Get in a phychic fight with somebody, hell..  :lol:



this sparked my interest about the guy who could AP with his eyes open.. who is to say when we are awake we are not really just in a AP from somewhere we don't know exists?

if this is in the wrong discussion room please feel free to move it if you are an admin to a proper room.. i just feel my rant/question.. deals with OBE in some way..


Easy solution: Take a break from toking.

Pot tends to give people the creepies after a long period of use (sometimes after a short period of use).
Things to do:
1) Recognise it as an effect of pot
2) Lay off the spliff for a while
3) Develop a slightly ritualised way of smoking to create a separation to the anxiety provoking elements such as the LEOs and the #%&/ next door waiting to bust you.

Also since you mention you get effects similar to some altered states of perception I suggest that after a while off the spliff you a good while exploring meditative states to learn about your Self (not about yourself).

Pot changes perception in two ways. Firstly on the short term because of its immediate effects. Secondly on the long term because of its effect on one's perception. If that slow change is not recognised and integrated properly it will cause trouble.

2cents & L&L