I have these memories....

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Every morning I wake up with these memories...

I usually wake up too my whole body being literally soaked.  Like if I just oiled my whole body with veg oil or something.  That's about the only neg. thing about the experience. But I think that's just a result of the intense feelings and expereinces I just been through....

Sometimes I remember playing these exotic games...having to fly, having to use powers - controlled by my wants / desires ?  Going from world to world in some kinda larger than life virtual reality game.

Sometimes I remember being somewhere - some kind of convention - camp / or something with ol' high schoolers  or with other youth.   Sometimes in some kind of adventure - or simply expereincing some type of alternate life where I'm in school again.  Hanging out with my ol friends or something.  (Miss em)

Sometimes I remember just being around my house - going outside  - during the night  or day / and just trying to fly around.  Sometimes with ease, sometimes with difficult, sometimes I'm like what's the point - it'll take forever.  (When I'm tring to go somewhere)  

Sometimes I remember just climbing huge buildings/mountains (even going up on hot air balloons) just to jump off and feel that incredible rush.

Sometimes I remember little physical -  just being in darkness..experiencing...feeling (knowing).   A couple of days ago i remember falling asleep and kinda falling and falling....tumbling backwards down down down (just falling).  Such incredible expereinces/ feelings.

Sometimes I remember my body getting crushed in some kinda accident or something, or breaking a bone and having to go through surgery - (lol)

Last night was a pretty intense night - probably the reason I decided to share my experiences w/ u all -  
I'm playing some kinda intense game against some other guys my age.  I dont' remember the point, but I remember doing all these moves using powers or what not (to do/accomplish something or other) - they would do it then I would attempt to out do them or vice versa.  Or fighting eachother with weapons and such, but controlled by our powers.  My locations seem to change tho, depending on what's going on.  Sometimes I can be in this huge room / being inside some building with a whole mess of other people- to some little room - to the top of the mountains.    To just floating mid air.  To trying to fly this huge plane.....to playing some kinda of basketball game - where I'm trying to do some incredible moves - staying airbourne for what seems like the longest time.  Or not moving at all and simply controlling the ball with my desires/heart/mind.  I dunno - just some incredible exps.  
My experiences range greatly - none the less I love em all...sometimes they're a little bit too real.  and I wake up sweating and kinda just saying 'Whoooo...God help me'

Yup but there it is..

Whatchu guys think?
I'm sure u guys experience lots of the same things..
Share some of em

'Sleep is the cousin to death'
~ unless u dream like me